Feb 17, 2005
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Telly-headed Tyrant

    1. FatalT 71
      FatalT 71
      The missus thought I should tell you about how we were shopping the other day and came across some BotShots. Specifically Jetfire. You should have seen the evil look in her eye...I tried to run...:D
    2. Autobot Burnout
      Autobot Burnout
    3. Autobot Burnout
      Autobot Burnout
      Yeah, need to work on clearing that sucker out sometime
    4. QLRformer
      Two things. One, why is your sig a couple of Victorian gentlemen wearing sheepskin? Two, how's your story going, you nearly got it all worked out?
    5. Meta777
      He's called Snapshot, my friend. I call his big claw the Concussion Shocker; though it requires a lot of power, the shockwave emitted by the energised snap is more than capable of inflicting immense concussive damage to anyone unlucky enough to be hit by it, and it rips apart lightly-armoured targets. The smaller claw is a generic pew-pew laser, though it sometimes shoots missiles too :D

      Snapshot's just as snappy with his wit and jokes as he is with his claws :lol
    6. Meta777
      Haha, a C-clamp pun? Though I'd never see the day :lol

      That would be great. He's just there, chilling, when suddenly, a lil' Autobot walks by and he's all: "Here's my gesture, little man.", and snap-BAM! Sonic blast!

      I'm definitely stuffing a pistol shrimp bot in the Metaverse :lol
    7. Meta777
      This is out of nowhere, I know, but you know what would make a really cool Beast Transformer?

      THIS: Alpheidae - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

      They're basically cute lil' crabs armed with sonic shotguns. How awesome would that be?! :D
    8. Meta777
      Aye, that's true.

      Oooh, nice one! I love little continuity drops :D


      True, true, but Meta takes a tad more pride in his grammatical skills than most others :)
    9. Meta777
      To be fair, while you are one of the jokiest guys I know on these boards, I do rank you very high in terms of your abilities of intelligence and debate. I just was surprised that the guy I was nattering to happened to write that fic I read a while ago :lol

      Why thank you! Corrosion is one of my more contemplative pieces, and it has that edge of horror that Ratchet's mourning could well have led him to stand there until the rain killed him if Evac hadn't pulled him into the ship.

      Oh wow, 90% dialogue? Now I'm curious for what possible scenario could coerce such conversation from the characters :D

      Ah, curses. I always end up making these mistakes now and then, and I kick myself for missing the obvious :lol. Still, glad you liked it, regardless of my grammatical tomfoolery :lol
    10. Moonlight1102
      Was your old Monkey newcaster pic from the Ricky Gervais Show?
    11. Meta777
      You wrote the Sting? I remember reading that ages ago, intrigued by the concept and stunned by the sheer gal of Optimus having to kill/remove a child, but I never took in the writer. Huh, small world.

      To preserve a child's sense of wonder is certainly doing something right. Very well done, my friend :D

      I do like connecting dots :lol. I tend to write one-shots to help me establish the character interactions/motivations, make them more alive, so to speak. Voila, here's two of my personal favourites :D:
    12. Meta777
      Holy mother of Meta. DAT CONCEPT ART. I need new pants. That is so cool! I love the shuttlezords, I love the colours, I LOVE IT.

      Ah, fair enough. My own TF continuity, the Metaverse, still needs work done, but I've definitely outlined Season 1 and factors of 2/3 :D

      Ooooh, sounds cool! It's something I would totally adore, but probably get boggled with all the plot points :lol. Still, I'd certainly read it :D
    13. Meta777
      Oh wow, you actually write books/comics? That's awesome! :D

      If there's one weakness my imagination has, it sucks at crafting a decent episodic timeline. It just gives me a whole boatload of stuff to sort out at random :lol

      But that is really cool; you've made up your own sci-fi series and are now translating it to paper! Oooh, I do hope you get it published, because it's great when the creative tree bears fruit :D

      What's the series about? Do you have a basic synopsis?
    14. Meta777
      It's like a packet of cookies; once opened, I can't resist! :D

      So that's essentially 34 years of constructive development. Awesome! Man, I'd love to rummage through your creations; I adore seeing other people's concepts and imaginations :D

      Ah yeah, that phenomenom. Reminds me of a friend who came up with a seed-esque Pokemon, and when Seedot was introduced in the third generation, he grumpily lamented Nintendo's thieving shenanigans :lol

      Transformers is one of my best friends when it's comes to interpretation. I can play with all sorts of alternative ideas/designs for characters, or make up entirely new characters! One of my personal favourites is self-made Nighttrace, a Decepticon scout who flutters about like a fairy, due to her UAV mode's wings splitting into more wings and going onto the back :D
    15. Meta777
      This is how I come up with ideas when writing my own stuff. One small idea leads to another and then another and then I tie that back to something I wrote earlier and then link that forwards to something else until I have a web of complex plot going. It's very satisfying when that stuff starts feeding itself.
      Oh, I utterly agree! I adore it when the ideas start coalescing into something bigger and awesomener :D

      My brain is always bubbling with concepts, ideas, muses, and sometimes I have to store chunks of it in a sort of 'universe' to keep my head on track :lol

      For example, I once made up some original characters that I'd love to put into Smash Bros. They eventually developed into a whole fantasy universe, complete with world, species and plot; A seed to a tree :D
    16. QLRformer
      Hey, how's your novel coming along?
    17. JazzHunter83
      Hey, that is very sweet that you thought of me :) No, I am lucky to have not been impacted by the fires - they are in Sydney, NSW and I am Adelaide, South Australia. I do know they were really bad and still not contained. They had to close off some evacuation routes, but they *think* everyone managed to get out. This heatwave has been a bitch this year - temps up to 54 degrees C in some places, although Adelaide's top temp has been 47.5 C! They are already talking about community and welfare organisations being overburdened with keeping up with the demand of helping people like the elderly and disabled who are on fixed incomes keep adequate air conditioning etc. Last major heatwave of 2009 we had quite a few elderly deaths due to the heat.
    18. tikgnat
      Yeah I know. Considering we were the only two posters (or thereabouts) in the UKTF comic thread you'd have thought we'd have added ourselves sooner. Yeah if you're ever down London way give me a buzz and I'll treat you to a cup of tea. I know how to treat you right. ;)
    19. FatalT 71
      FatalT 71
      I'd say the BayFormers movies are more skidmarks than landmarks.
      Please let me know where I can send you a cleaning bill for my laptop since that statement caused me to spew my dinner all over it! :lolol
    20. MV95
      Hahaha That's yours? I found it on Google images about a month ago when I was searching for a Christmas avatar for this month.
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