Feb 17, 2005
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Telly-headed Tyrant

    1. Basilisk
      Ah whys Hasbro UK got to be so stupid?
    2. Basilisk
      Yeah I think between Combiner Wars being available in the UK, and Bionicle's return my Wallet is in for a Massacre.

      I just really want to see what the Masquerade guys look like so I can decide whether I want them or not :lol
    3. Basilisk
      I've been waiting so long for a new Motormaster! I'm not really so fond of the whole Autobots masquerade unless it's a new alt mode for Prowl (Off road or Helicopter) but I guess and Ironhide that isn't rubbish would be nice too and I'll support any Sunstreaker release.
    4. Basilisk
      Yeah the deluxe prices seem a bit much, the Voyager's price point doesn't bother me too much though.

      I'll have to do customer view when Motormaster shows up!
    5. Basilisk
      He's great! I can't wait to grab the other limbs.

      I almost had a little panic that he might have not been in Argos and that they'd only have Optimus Primes and I'd have to pay then ask for a refund because I do not need another Optimus Prime for the Legacy line.
    6. Basilisk
      Picked up CW Silverbolt today.

      Never thought I'd say that sentence ever.
    7. Meta777
      Brick joke; remember when we nattered about a pistol shrimp robot?

      Well looky-look now!
      The Crustaceous Crackshot: Snapshot by Greigio on DeviantArt
    8. QLRformer
      Hi, how're you doing? How's your book coming along?
    9. Basilisk
      Eh I think I'll wait a while the movie toys do get lower in price as time goes on.

      I mean I do want it but it isn't something I want that much, I wanted to buy it just to repaint it. If I don't get it I don't mind but I'd wait for it to lower to less than £35.

      Yeah about this whole UK buying situation I'm hoping it isn't like this next year if the RID Deluxes end up not existing here. As fun as it is to buy online it's nice to go in the store and pick up a TF.
    10. Basilisk
      Argos bumped the price of AoE Optimus down by £5.

      Worth it? or should I wait till they price it lower?
    11. Basilisk
      Ooh yeah I had a couple of impulse purchases online this year like the WST KO of Menasor and Justitoys WST Astrotrain I just found them and I was like yup I want them.

      I think that's a main disadvantage of buying online there's too much choice yet brick and mortar has little to no choice at all.

      btw where is your avatar from?
    12. Basilisk
      I know I've said this a million times but I'd much rather Argos stock Generations they are essentially a stockroom so why not? Argos is much easier to find than TRU.

      Though I think I've bought loads more TFs this year as I've been ordering online, I can never attend my local bootsales as I'm working when they're on :lol but to be honest I never usually find anything good there aside from this one time I saw ROTF Superion and didn't have enough money for him.
    13. Basilisk
      Isn't it great of Hasbro to save UK fans' money by not giving us Classics? :P

      I miss buying Transformers at retail.
    14. rattraprules98
      Yeah. Odd since I can't imagine it's a very common name.
    15. rattraprules98
      Were you playing Transformers Universe with a guy named Chr0nus tonight?
    16. QLRformer
      That's an awesome sig you have there. BTW how's your book coming along?
    17. Venixion
      I shouldn't be laughing at the seagull story.
    18. QLRformer
      My Christmas was fine, thank you. I hope you work out your troublesome chapter, and I hope to read your finished story one day.
    19. QLRformer
      Excuse me, but how is your book coming along?
    20. Autobot Burnout
      Autobot Burnout
      Understandable, so no worries. :)

      That is a totally badass Santa-Autobot, though, I might nick that for some other forums if you don't mind.
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