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    1. eltonlin98
      Regarding MPM-4, the idea I've decided to go with is automotive chrome wrap. I'll do a write-up in Lukelbs' thread if the operation is successful. Ideally, I want to chrome up the front bumper, the entire smokestacks, and the rear oil tanks/toolbox. First part I'll be testing out as soon as possible will be the bumper, cause it needs it the most
    2. gbm
      Thanks man.
      And omg, it didn't even dawn on me till you said that.....ok lemme go back to the drawing board and see how I can fit him in. Thanks for the heads up!
    3. batfan007
      Cool base mode pics. Would have liked to seen magnus in his base mode with the others.
    4. plowking
      Oh...Ima have to go into the thread and see how it all turned out for you!

      Jarrod is an awesome customizer...I love his work. I own a couple pieces from him. Look forward to what you come up with. If you cant find a Hound. LMK. I'll check my local comic shop...I think they have one.

      Glad you're having a blast with the line. It is a fun one!!
    5. plowking
      what you got planed for Alt Hound?...

    6. gbm
      I just posted a picture of what they started as in the Feedback thread, take a peek.
    7. Snake_eyes1975
      That looks perfect, I really like the prowl ones too.
    8. Snake_eyes1975
      those missles looks GREAT dude. where they from?
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