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Mar 29, 2011
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Viewing thread MPM 04 Optimus Prime modifications, Sep 25, 2017 at 4:56 PM
    1. mb92
      Ok thanks
    2. mb92
      Gatchaman was that a regular flyer that had the 20% off. I need to find one to pick up leader megs for my son.

      Thanks MB92
      1. Gatchaman
        Sorry, just saw this, it was on a catalogue that came in Tuesday's mail.
        Aug 5, 2017
    3. Deathhowl
      dude, i need help with painting, my superion has lost alot of paint on the nose cone, any tips on making it look like the orignal?
    4. Deathhowl
      I talked with chroma and suggested a change in design, i dont like the thinness of the front, ide add more to the front to look like verniers of a jet. After that, who knows. I did order my dmy kit from alliexpress. It shipped saturiday. I am not gonna fully flesh out my superion chest untill i can get that kit and chroma's neck piece
    5. Deathhowl
    6. Deathhowl
      I am ordering my upgrade kit next week, from what i can tell the abb filler can stay where it is. What i dont see is how the feet intergrate with the new arms in robot mode
    7. Deathhowl
      Sup man, I finished my backpack for my SUperion Max, ill post pics soon
    8. Superquad7
      Hey buddy! Yep, I got em! Thanks so much for the reminder! I'd lose my head if it weren't attached :D
    9. Superquad7
      SPREAD THE WORD HERE TO ANYONE WHO ATTENDED CHARTICON. I think they'll understand. Thank you for your service. :)
    10. Superquad7
      This is no lie.
    11. mb92
      Gatchaman, let me know if you run across a Black BH Shark Megs let me know or if you could pick it up, I can meet you at Reto Reboot
    12. Deathhowl
      ya, paid like 35 bucks for it, little glue and it was ok
    13. Deathhowl
      going terrible, lost my jetfire and everyone wants an arm and leg for a broken one. Got the KO crossfire it seems. Its pretty good, had to do some gluing though. Right now all I have is the booster rockets for the backpack, the shape-ways chest insert and the crossfire kit. Really pissed I cant find my jetfire. Also have acquired some scratches on the chest of my superion, not sure how, cant find out what the testors color for that is. Lots of setbacks, very annoying.The only progress i have made is that i was able to fix the legs. The knees on stormjet are backwards and the hips are on the wrong side. Had to disassemble both leggs to fix it, looks alot better now.
    14. Deathhowl
      I just bought a superion maximus from a friend and ordered a crossfire set for it. I saw your superion upgrade and was in love. I can see alot of what you did but i need better pics of the chest piece and backpack because I want to use your genious kit on my superion. I also wanted to use some KO boosters for a gen one jetfire on superions legs. Any help you can give would be awesome. You can email me at Again, your kit was awesome and ide love to have my own copy.
    15. Superquad7
      I'll be taking care of that update. Thanks for the head's up :)
    16. mb92
      Gatchaman, you are by far the most active hunter on the NC sightings board in the Charlotte area. I wanted to see if you could let me know if you come across any of the Combaticons, as i need a set for my son for Christmas. We were going to wait till his b-day, but his Grandparents cant find a gift and decided to buy them for him. Any help would be arppreciated.
    17. Dormamu
      @ Dormamu, my sentiments exactly:

      LOVE IT! :lol
    18. Dormamu
      I asked at Durham TRU, the chickenhead behind the counter (and I quantify that by the fact that her hair was in the shape of a chicken's top cone) stated that the next truck should arrive Thursday or Friday to their location. Whatever. Toys R Crunk.
    19. Gatchaman
      Thanks! I was surprised to see it. It was actually up on top of the shelves??... Had to stand on the bottom shelf & stretch to get it & I'm 6'1". I just saw the one, but I asked at check out & they had another, but it was on layaway...? I wouldn't have thought they would do layaway on a figure like this but I guess so... But anyway, they come 2 to a case. Judging by the # of MP TC's I'm seeing on the shelves, I think he will be out I force in a couple weeks.
    20. Dormamu
      Congratulations on the find! So how many of those MP Primes were on the shelves? Just trying to gauge the 'scalp factor'. ^_^
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