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Eat your WOKEmeal! Jan 8, 2018

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    1. TFFan01
      Oh ok. How old ar you? I hope I'm not bothering you with these questions btw.
    2. TFFan01
      I live in Ankara, you?
    3. TFFan01
      Ok and I'm Turkish.:)
    4. TFFan01
      You said in one post you're ancestors are Turkey, so what's your nation? Just curious, don't mean to offend you.
    5. Mechafire
      Yeah, unless you seriously have shit mapped out and are an excellent character writer it's always better to focus on a smaller cast than having a bajillion guys running around.
    6. Mechafire
      The reference was cute and all but her pretty much being the butt of a joke just further diminished her in my eyes. :/ At least they didn't actually show her getting thrown in like it originally sounded.

      I mean, sorta expected her to be the Boba Fett of this film, but it still kinda sucked.
    7. Mechafire
      I actually didn't mind the scene itself... but yeah, the name "Kanjiklub" is EXCRUCIATINGLY stupid, even for Star Wars. It sounds like the name of a shitty high school weaboo club. Doesn't help that the one asshole just kept saying "Tell it to Kanjiklub" over and over again. And yeah, they do need to go more original in the sequels. Will let it slide here, but it will be an issue if they start copying ESB and ROTJ.

      Honestly I think my biggest issue was Phasma. Because she did nothing, had like 1 minute total screentime, and kind of just got punked out at the end. Huge waste of potential, and she better have more going on in the sequels.
    8. Mechafire
      I got the digital version. Probably gonna end up with the physical too since I'm such a whore. :lol

      And yeah, I don't mind predictability as long as it's actually pulled off well. If Han had a garbage death where, say, he was just shot by a random Stormtrooper to show that "WAR IS HELL MAN" and "ANYONE CAN DIE WHOAAAA" then yeah I'd have a problem with it. But there was clearly some thought put into the way he went out.

      I actually chuckled a bit at Finn's "Why does everybody wanna go back to Jakku?!" (or whatever it was) line, and I'm usually completely stonefaced while watching movies. Ridley and Boyega completely knocked it out of the park, and it blows me away that these were their first big roles. Also helps that Boyega seems like a fucking bro IRL.
    9. Mechafire
      Why thank you. It really is a fun movie. Some things I really noticed upon rewatching - Finn is freaking hilarious and Han's death scene it just so well done. Legitimately do not get the people who say "oh well Han's death meant nothing" or "no one gave a shit Han died". It had the purpose of solidifying Kylo's turn to the dark side, and numerous people were pretty clearly devastated about it.
    10. Shadowwavepool7
      While you still have time 8 is up.
    11. Shadowwavepool7
      Oh I see. So i gotta ask what you though of the Motormaster fights.
    12. Shadowwavepool7
      Oh wow you finally caught up to everything?
    13. Mechafire
      Yeah I think him being an OC is the most likely scenario.
    14. Mechafire
      I have seen fanboys coming up with some truly off-the-wall, outrageous theories about Snoke, including...

      - He's Darth Vader
      - He's Kylo Ren who traveled back in time
      - And my favorite: he's Boba Fett

      I just kind of roll my eyes and tune out when I see this shit. Still undecided about the Plagueis thing, think it could go either way. Although it does seem like they're kinda trying to ignore prequel stuff, so...

      Anyway, g'night!
    15. Shadowwavepool7
      Hopefully. Because I just released part 5 of number 4.
    16. Mechafire
      IMO it's extremely likely that they deliverately played it safe with 7, so as to not anger the neckbeard hordes after all the prequel shit went down. Or maybe Abrams is just creatively bankrupt, he did pretty much rip off TWOK for Into Darkness after all lol. Either way, I'll let it slide. After all, I've heard that they plan to get crazier with the sequels. Now if they just straight up rip off Empire and Jedi, with Kylo throwing Snoke down an elevator shaft at the end and shit, THEN we're gonna have a problem.

      I both think and hope Rey is Luke's daughter. Maybe she could be Kylo's sister, but I find that more unlikely. It would be ridiculous and completely unsatisfying to me if she's just a random with no connection to anyone. I've heard some crazier theories about her being related to Obi Wan or even Snoke, but I haven't read too much into them yet.
    17. Mechafire
      TFA got me back into it as well. It's flawed, but I loved it. I was a huge whore for Star Wars around 2005, but then just kinda drifted away from it a bit. Still bought the random toy and game here and there, but now they've fully pulled me back in. Bastards.
    18. Mechafire
      I watched the 2D one as it aired. Fucking awesome show.

      But the 3D one - hearing that the movie and the first chunk of episodes were like babby preschoolshit tier really turned me off. Although I've heard the latter seasons get really damn good so I should probably stop being a crabby asshole and check it out.
    19. Mechafire
      Which Clone Wars? 2D or 3D one?
    20. Mechafire
      I've been really getting back into it hardcore as of late. Fuckers pulled me back in.
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