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Why be perfect when you can be Shrektastic? Feb 2, 2018

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Mar 23, 2018 at 1:19 AM
    1. toaprime
      Same! What do you think of the new tlk marketing push, for lack of a better term?
    2. Primus Productions
      Primus Productions
      Doing great!, And no problem!. I love giving my possible theories, For TF5 "Transformers The Last Knight".
    3. Primus Productions
    4. toaprime
      I would doubt that Galvatron would go completely away... the way AOE ends, it set up the return of Galvatron at a future point in time. And I could certainly see him being a Knight the whole time. My current theory is that Megatron and Galvatron are separate characters, though that's based less on evidence and more on intuition.
    5. toaprime
      I hope that you are doing well! I share your hopes almost exactly actually... a separate Galvatron and Megatron could be very interesting if done appropriately. A fight between them for Con leadership would likely come, all as you said. Perhaps the Creators "remake" old major TFs like Starscream, Megs, to better contain the remaining Bots? Out there, but who knows? TLK should be an interesting movie at least!
    6. toaprime
      What do you think of the new reveal?
    7. Sixshot93
      Would definitely agree with you there. All of it.
    8. Sixshot93
      You're welcome. I've been mostly a on and off TF fan since 2008-ish, around the time when the first movie came out. Following a visit to what was formerly a convention called Auto Assembly, I joined a now defunct forum the Moonbase 2 forums based off a podcast of the same name. It was fun and enjoyable while it lasted, but most of the time, given I was young and inexperienced my 'chats' with some fans just sometimes ended up in petty arguing and shouting contests and it all got a bit much so I stopped. Altogether I stopped and moved on. Now I'm active again but this time I'm older, more experienced and understanding of the whole forums, social media thing I'm more calmer and level-headed when it comes to online discussion.

      So, yeah. All too often, we want to paint the Movie-verse as something to discredit because the quality is so polarizing. But where would TFs be had there been no such existence or news of anything regarding TF in live-action?
    9. Sixshot93
      Thank you, O' dear Galvatross! ;D
    10. bellpeppers
      There, you see? He took the box off and it's still Bruce.
    11. Shadowwavepool7
      And that's a wrap, trailer and all.
    12. bellpeppers
      No, it's still Bruce under that box.
    13. Shadowwavepool7
      Only 1 more left.
    14. Superquad7
      Feel free to hit me up here or on WhatsApp anytime :)
    15. TheUltimateBum
      Hey, mac. I would like to share my fanfic with ya. You may notice that it's very different compared to some other fanfics out there, because it's more of a light-hearted fic (it does have some dark moments, but it's mostly a fun story). My aim is to do a fanfic series for the entire family to enjoy. It has comedy, romance, drama, action, adventure, suspense and more. I even have a film noir-type episode at the end of the first season. :)

      Here you have the character profiles for the main cast.



      And here you have my fic intros:
    16. Shadowwavepool7
      I'm actually 4 away from finishing and then I'll be taking a month or two off, so you should have more than enough.
    17. Shadowwavepool7
      Oh just to let you know I'm nearly finished. Take your time.
    18. bellpeppers
      I appreciate that.
      I have moments. My wife lost her dad last year and she says that you don't really stop having them. It is a very different turn on life.
    19. Novaburnhilde
      Things are well for me at the moment, thank you! ^.^
    20. SilverOptimus
      You are always welcome. :)
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