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The Good, the Drek, and the Donkey Sep 15, 2017

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Oct 20, 2017 at 9:58 PM
    1. Shadowwavepool7
      Which reminds me did you finish Eradication?
    2. Shadowwavepool7
      Well I'm on the fifth one now if that's any indicator.
    3. Shadowwavepool7
      Hey it's been forever!
    4. Primus Productions
      Primus Productions
      It's cool, Never stress over it. And I myself been busy.
    5. Mechafire
      That's when the banhammer comes out. :ev:
    6. Mechafire
      I dunno... seems the news usually fuels the repetitive arguments, unfortunately.
    7. Mechafire
      Doing alright brother. This month has been crazy for news.

      Glad to hear stuff's working out for ya, and yeah, try to keep in touch. Shit's gonna get more and more hectic as movie season approaches.
    8. Primus Productions
    9. toaprime
      Agreed. Do you think that the Dinobots are "full-fledged" Knights like OP and maybe Megs?
    10. toaprime
      Oh yeah, I completely forgot about that! I wish that they mentioned Megs as a Knight in AOE then. Maybe he gets a Knight upgrade like OP then in TLK.
    11. toaprime
      Yeah you too! I love your theories, even if I don't respond much! I have to be honest, I never pictured Galvatron as a Knight and wonder if they only "made" him a Knight in between TLK and AOE's writing?
    12. toaprime
      Yeah, I know about Cuba, but had forgotten Lennox filming. Thanks! And yeah, they could have started CGI-ing the OP in space part already, if those are the correct terms, to keep the movie going. Should be interesting with all the new vehicles being sighted.
    13. Livingdeaddan
      yeah! :lol it had a sort G1 vibe to it I thought! I think you should be careful with your jeagertron idea though, if bay reads that, that'll be TF6! :lol
    14. toaprime
      Same! Last movie was so top secret vibe! Now it's hard to keep up so to speak. Wait until filming starts.
    15. toaprime
      Same! What do you think of the new tlk marketing push, for lack of a better term?
    16. Primus Productions
      Primus Productions
      Doing great!, And no problem!. I love giving my possible theories, For TF5 "Transformers The Last Knight".
    17. Primus Productions
    18. toaprime
      I would doubt that Galvatron would go completely away... the way AOE ends, it set up the return of Galvatron at a future point in time. And I could certainly see him being a Knight the whole time. My current theory is that Megatron and Galvatron are separate characters, though that's based less on evidence and more on intuition.
    19. toaprime
      I hope that you are doing well! I share your hopes almost exactly actually... a separate Galvatron and Megatron could be very interesting if done appropriately. A fight between them for Con leadership would likely come, all as you said. Perhaps the Creators "remake" old major TFs like Starscream, Megs, to better contain the remaining Bots? Out there, but who knows? TLK should be an interesting movie at least!
    20. toaprime
      What do you think of the new reveal?
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    "I warn you, Lord Farquaad of Duloc. An alliance is a contract, and contracts, like ogres, Shrek-spire."

    "Every forum I've ever traveled, all of you true fans are the same. You all think you're center of the universe. You have no idea."

    "Fidelity to the source material is not a virtue unto itself." Witney Seibold

    "Why throw your life away so Shreklessly?" "That is a question you should ask yourself, Drekatron."