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Apr 13, 2013
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Galvatron II

I can type whatever here?

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Oct 17, 2017 at 8:32 PM
    1. General Magnus
      General Magnus
      I mean in the sense he´s a big brute, but he´s a friendly big brute, despite all the firepower he carries.
    2. General Magnus
      General Magnus
      He´s humane. He mourns, he gets angry, laughs, he gets to enjoy a little downtime and he makes legitimate funny jokes.

      He also should have been called Bulkhead.
    3. General Magnus
      General Magnus
      Hound was probably the better character of the film, I can guarantee you that. The movie is stupidly long tho, I love these films and I was getting tired near the end. I just wanted to see Hound to the point I kinda stopped caring about all other characters.
    4. General Magnus
      General Magnus
      Dunno about you, but I´d totality watch a movie called "hound Amazing Adventures" if it was AEO Hound.
    5. Haloid1177
      Dude you'll learn to keep them. But yeah, we're cool. The influx of movie fans always puts in perspective how shitty members can actually be, and lemme tell ya you're pretty okay.
    6. Haloid1177
      I took you off mine too lol. There are so many worse members on here and the only real disagreement I had with you was over IM3, and that movie's old news.
    7. Haloid1177
      I find it slightly disturbing how we are in such agreement as of late.
    8. Meta777
      Depends on what one defines by 'works' in a film leading up to a giant radioactive dinosaur battling a humongous plant mutant :lol

      But really, I think it ties in with the running theme in Godzilla themes that we measly humans really shouldn't be toying with powers beyond our control. Just as our most powerful weapons ended up invoking the wrath of Godzilla, just as the weapon we designed to counter him spawned Destoroyah, our science once again creates a monster that could have been avoided if the father had just accepted that his daughter had died and hadn't messed around with the natural order of things.

      He tried to reverse her fate, tried mixing her DNA with other sources and in doing so spawned something abominable. Such is the folly of mankind.
    9. Meta777
      Mmm, I love reading delicious plot musings. Now that would be a twist and a half, in featuring the original incarnations of those two most memorable opponents to combat this new Godzilla, and then fusing them into Mecha King Ghidorah. That would be cool.

      Me personally, I just wish they had more films featuring Biollante. I found her to be a really interesting Kaiju, in that she was actually a unique dynamic amongst Godzilla's rogue gallery in that she was originally a human, but circumstances end with her soul trapped in the body of a monster forged from her own flesh and plenty of SCIENCE.
    10. Meta777
      Fair enough.

      They were very adorable, no doubt about it (I want one!), and it was clever how the Futurians put them in Godzilla's place so that they'd be the ones to mutate into a giant destructive monster instead. I think it was insinuated that they were planned to become Ghidorah upon exposure to the H-bomb, so clever planning indeed. It's just kind of funny to me that he started out as such a bunch of sweet kids in this series. It's always the cute ones you have to look out for :lol

      Ghidorah's never really consistent in his origins. Is he from space? A mutant? A heroic guardian? Monster X on steroids? He's weird :lol
    11. Meta777
      Dem chest cannons. Say goodbye to upside-down face Kaiju!

      Probably a muse on expanding Mothra's mythos, like, what if she was an ancient guardian, what if she had a mortal foe before Godzilla ever showed up, but then Godzilla showed up and threw it out the window 'cause he so much cooler. Bye bye Battra.

      I can accept that Godzilla was like a long-lost dinosaur who got nuked or whatever, but what perplexes me most is Ghidorah's origin in Hensei. Instead of an ultimate evil planet-destroying final boss, he's what happens if you nuke a bunch of adorable Zubats from THE FUTURE. How bizarre.
    12. Meta777
      Mine is Striker. It's a gorgeous robot, sleek and advanced and exactly what you'd expect the most advanced Jaeger to look like, but it's just not as visually interesting to me as the other ones are.

      That one is Otachi, a real badass amongst them. It's name means 'great sword', which is very fitting considering its demise.

      I agree with that. Battra, I like his design, but his shtick just easily overshadowed by Godzilla, who does everything he does but better. Rather fitting how at the battle's end it is he who succumbs to Godzilla's attacks; there's only room for one God of Vengeance in this franchise!
    13. Meta777
      Hooray! My Jaeger, hands down is Crimson Typhoon. I just adore crimson three-armed digitigrade-legged one-eyed martial artist buzz-saw-hand robots!

      Oooh, you cheeky Galvatron! You knew what I meant :P My one amongst PR's crew is Slattern, the only Kaiju who took on Striker without just instantly getting beat down :lol

      But I'm also happy for another Ghidorah fan. I really love how he's a monster amongst monsters, the asshole to end all assholes. You might have seen me mention it before, but I adore the dynamic between him and Godzilla + Mothra; Mothra's the heroic peace-bringer, Ghidorah's the ultimate evil and then we gave the Big G in-between. Awesome stuff :D
    14. Meta777
      Oh sweet, thanks muchly for the invite :D! Now, as any old Meta will do, let's ask;

      Favourite Jaeger and favourite Kaiju, go! :D
    15. General Magnus
      General Magnus
      I´m glad you sent a friend request. Even tho I like Bayformers, many of the guys I chat on a daily basis don´t- Hell, even SMOG is one of the guys I like talking to on FB.
    16. General Magnus
      General Magnus
      "Mah FREEDUMBS!" in a nutshell. Trust me, I´ve dealth with people like this.
    17. General Magnus
      General Magnus
      Why, it might. I´m still trying to process the "racism industry" post from a few months ago, along with other gems.
    18. General Magnus
      General Magnus
      Good. I´ve seen few TPs members here from time to time. I was worried the disease was spreading.
    19. General Magnus
      General Magnus
      ... Especially considering the lionization of the American military and demonization of the American government as ineffectual or downright evil...
      Let me guess, you don´t buy into the Tea Party bullshit too?
    20. SMOG
      What do you mean about Nolan "doing the comic book routine"?

      I disagree about the look of ASM. The costume did look a bit pale at times, but what I liked was the realism of the tone compared to Raimi's version, where everything looked plastic and baked in a gleaming, faux sunset glow. It also helped that the costume looked like something a teenager could conceivably make.

      I have to say I would vehemently oppose a Pilgrim-style Spider-Man. Raimi was already dangerously close to that cartoonish edge... and any more might tumble it into 1960s Batman territory.

      It could be that I am a product of the pre-McFarlane Spidey 80s... which took place in a very different, grittier urban verite NYC. The sillier stuff, the quirk and sad-sack twists of Peter's life, took on more charm and pathos because it was set in a more concrete world.
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