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Aug 16, 2017
    1. femmebotfangirl
      I lurk on there a bit, I don't have an account.
    2. EnergonWaffles
      Haha ultimate pred is always the one to take a tumble here xd

      Northern Ireland? I was lucky enough to do a tour of ireland (only the southern part, though) a few years ago. Hands down one of the most beautiful and friendly places I've been! So you don't get many of the figures there??
    3. EnergonWaffles
      Well Breakdown did get pretty beat up, so as long as all his limbs are there you could always pass him off as being damaged I guess haha

      But yeah, theres nothing like walking into your room to see your Ultimate Predaking on the floor, while a cat smugly sits in his former place looking at you like "yes, human, this was my doing." :lol

      Thats one reason I don't collect anything high end like MP
    4. EnergonWaffles
      That's my issue too! My roomate has 2 cats and one's a klepto, so I have to keep most of mine boxed (the klepto one got hold of Grimwing's foot and head and I never did find them). I have a few on the top shelves of a bookcase, but only ones that won't break if they take a tumble.

      I haven't gotten Breakdown either. Really love the figure, but the price to ship from overseas is too much atm. Maybe one day they'll release it stateside.
    5. EnergonWaffles
      TFP was when I started collecting. I tend to be a completionist so I always work hard to not fall into the "gotta represent every character" mode (I'm moving around atm- there's no place to display or store them). I think Prime will hopefully be the only show I worry about having each character just to represent them.
      I have randoms that I liked/received from others. Got Amazon Exclusive Predaking this Christmas. I really want TFA Samurai Prowl when I see him at a decent price again.

      Favorite figure atm is Beast Fire Predaking. Love him so much I'm slowly buying all his shapeways add-ons!

      Which one is your favorite?
    6. EnergonWaffles
      Ive read a few here and there but never kept up with them.
      Animated Jazz is a great figure! Im saving up for the AOE Deluxes atm( and the Dino/Dispensor repaints)- you plan on getting any of those?

      Ive been a fan since BW, but the 2007 movie nudged me over into joining the fandom. TFP was when I finally quit lurking and joined here XD
    7. EnergonWaffles
      Nice to meet another lady on here too!

      Just got out of a Typography quiz and eating a sandwich
      Ooo so which figures are you waiting for?
    8. EnergonWaffles
      Thanks for the add. Sup?
    9. Fallout
      your avatar :thumb
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