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Oct 13, 2017
    1. ironjazz
    2. ironjazz
      what paint do you use for you customs
    3. f-primusunicron
      its because i dont know, it looks ok but for some reason i think it wont work
      and talking about something else
      why you need rodimus to have fully articulated hands? its a deluxe(¬¬ and for me, a very bad mold) why not just make all the fingers one piece, and just one hinge in the hand, just to allow him to hold the matrix, his weapon and any 5mm weapon
      ah and wrist swivel
      that would make the figure look better, and have better articulation without making the hands too fragile
    4. f-primusunicron
      i have a question about 3D modeling for shapeways
      i have been reading the information about uploading to shapeways
      and it says something about minimum "thickness"
      so how its possible to make "5mm 4mm 3mm 2mm" balljoints?
      yes, i'm trying to do myself some things XD
      if you want i send you what i have
      (¬¬ warning: its still too badly done because its my first 3D model)
    5. Meggamus
    6. f-primusunicron
      i mean, that would give them proper hands position
      just that but without heavy modding
    7. f-primusunicron
      have you though about a single joint?
      i will explain
      movie arcee and blackarachnia animated are wonderful figures but they lack proper elbow articulation
      so why not making an small ball joint socket and ball that connect between, that would allow the correct elbow
      in blackarachnia's case in spider mode, it wont be noticieable but for arcee i think it will be a gap in the vehicle mode but i thinks its the price for better posseability
      sorry my english again XD
      and.... how much it will cost? if you plan to do it in the future?
    8. f-primusunicron
      not just commissioning you, its just that i wanna support your proyect(not too much im not rich XD)
    9. f-primusunicron
      hey, wanna ask something
      do you get a commission "money" throw shapeways?
      if not, how i can support your work?
      i said before, i cant make the things you can do, but i feel bad just asking you to do something, so, if there's a way to help you
      well, just say it and i will try
    10. doctajones428
      Hey man I love your work. Are you going to make replacement hands for ROTF Voyager the Fallen? He has the worst hands I've seen
    11. Treadshot A1
      Treadshot A1
      You needed me for something? Sorry, my inbox is full currently, am deleting things.
    12. Meggamus
      Ok :thumb I will
    13. Meggamus
      Lol they have come today , a short while after I sent u the message :lolol
      If only I was more patient ....
      They are excellent :D the wrist joints and thumb joints were a little loose , but a dab of super glue on the ball joint and it fits a treat :thumb
    14. Meggamus
      hey dude :thumb
      i bought the optimus hands and sentinel hands bout 2 weeks ago and the date that it is supposed to arrive is the 13 this month
      are the dates accurate or will they arrive about the 13th

      jst incase they dont come on that date , should i be concerned?
    15. jcartwork
      Hey read your msg ,well since u are coming back to singapore can u bring 3 sets for me as well thanks .Let me know the total
    16. jcartwork
      hi would like to purchase ROTF Leader Starscream posable hands
      can you contact me at jcartworkstudio@yahoo.com.sg thanks alot
    17. Meggamus
      Ok , all I have is silver spray paint, I will prob buy some grey if I can find some :thumb
      Also I am in the uk so I use £s and the choices available are € or $. Will £s be suitable as a third option? , if not , I'll exchange some money :)
    18. Meggamus
      Awsome! If I am to paint them , what colour do u reccomend I get?
    19. Meggamus
      Ok thank u , and will it work with spray paint?
    20. Meggamus
      Ok thanks:thumb
      I may be asking a stupid question here but if I paint them won't it make the balljoints thicker thus not allowing them in the finger sockets?
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