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    1. Kilowog
      Erased my spam box impulsively, noticed an email from "Ariel Lemon", if this is a real email please resend?

      Normally my filter is pretty good about not sending actual emails into spam
    2. Soundwavedredd2
      how do u make it
    3. jemi
      Hi Ariel. i am really sorry. it was my not intention to offend you in any way,and i hope that you will accept my apologi, and i understand your reaction. as i wrote earlier i am currently working on a leader class the fallen and i really hate those hands he has,so what will it cost if you were to design and manufacture a pair hands fore him.by the way i have bought a lot from you,so keep up the good work.

      best regards :Jesper
    4. Soundwavedredd2
    5. jemi
      dear fakebusker i am sending you a drawing i made of the fallen fingers articulated.i was wondering if you could give it a shot in 3D. i am currently working on a leader class the fallen and i think that you could make alot of money if you put this in production

      yours sincerly : jemi
    6. Wars
      Hey Fakebusker, I was just wondering what program you use to make your 3D designs? Thanks. :)
    7. Duwian
      Yeah, the game probably has to come out. :lol I'm so glad you have plans to make those guns. Almost every figure in the line so far has holes in their hands, too, which means they can all hold them! I just got very excited. Thank you!
    8. Duwian
      Hey, fakebusker! I remember how when War for Cybertron came out, you made amazing guns from the game on shapeways. I was wondering if you were planning on do this for Fall of Cybertron. It might be just me, but I'm pretty sure I'd buy them all. Especially the gun called the Path Blaster. It's awesome. Anyway, thanks!
    9. Constructor
      Hey Fakebuster83,Is it Possible for you
      to make some voyager sized
      Combaticons heads? It would help me
      out tremendously. In case you are wondering,
      I need the Fall of Cybertron style for
      Each of the heads. I need you to
      make the following heads for the
      following figures:

      Onslaught=Cybertron leader class Optimus
      Swindle=Crossovers Ironman/capt. America
      Brawl=Crossovers Hulk
      Vortex=Dark of the Moon Skyhammer

      I already have Blast off's head, but
      If you want to complete the set:

      Blast off=Crossovers Iron man/War machine (flying wing)
      I'm sorry if I'm just stuffing your inbox,
      but if you can help me: I will honor you
      In the best way I know how.
      Please consider my request.
      Thank you.
    10. hthrun
      Thanks for all that info! I'm thinking when I do place my order, I'll get both sets and mix and match to try and make Barricade's hands. Then the left over pieces I'll hold onto if/when I work on another Human Alliance Decepticon custom...
    11. hthrun
      Could I mix and match finger pieces? Like use the Dread tip on the short part of the evil Sentinel finger, or vice versa?
      Otherwise, is that Dread tip itself longer than Sentinel's fingers?
    12. hthrun
      I'm thinking I'll go with the evil Sentinel hands because they, like Barricade, have three fingers. But the Dread fingers look more like Barricades. Are the Dread fingers longer than evil Sentinel's? And would they fit in evil Sentinel's base hands?
    13. Wheel_Jack
      Hey, just wanted to say thanks for the feedback. Much appreciated coming from you. working on little project that I would like to include you in. I'll keep you posted. :)
    14. hthrun
      Will do!
    15. hthrun
      Awesome, thanks! I just started painting the DotM Megatron gun yesterday. After I finish that I plan on placing my next Shapeways order.
      Say... which hands are smaller, those Dread hands or the evil Sentinel hands? I'm planning on trying to customize a pair for Human Alliance Barricade...
    16. hthrun
      Hi! Are the single DotM leader Dread hands no longer available? I can only find the set of 3...
    17. Fallout
      alright, thanks. i'll try that out.
    18. Fallout
      hey there. i hate to be a bother but i'm pretty new to shapeways and customizing, and i was looking at your rotf starscream hands. is there a kind of material i could get them in that comes colored grey or would i just have to buy the strongest material and paint them myself?
    19. hthrun
      Thanks! A friend put a pair on human alliance barricade and I'm considering it. But I still have a lot of other stuff from my last order to paint :-)
    20. hthrun
      Hi fakebusker83! I was wondering if you could tell me the difference between these two sets:
      DOTM leader Dread hands 1.0 triple set
      DOTM leader Dread hands (1 pair)
      Are they the same hands, but just 3 pairs vs. 1 pair?
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