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Oct 13, 2017 at 2:51 AM
    1. Lord N
      Lord N
      I have been considering buying a black strong & flexible Megatron fusion cannon is it retail quality and is it solid black paint cause I really don't want to paint it myself
    2. 2ndSndWve
      if you set the handle diameter on a 3d model of a weapon at 5mm and upload it to Shapeways, will it fit in a standard tf hand or will it need to be more along the lines of 4.08mm?
    3. Fallout
      i think you could make a killing off of alternate heads for rotf voyager and leader and dotm deluxe starscream.... a lot of people want the G1-style head from the movie 1 voyager on it and i think there'd be a market for it. might want to keep it in mind :)
    4. Kaijumaster
      hey, I found your Whirl hands for Tomahawk in your store, any plans to do a matching head?
    5. fakebusker83
      This all sounds difficult, but I'm sure you'll be proud of it when it's done! I'll update the thread when I have those models available. Stay tuned!
    6. rattraprules98
      In all honesty, I have no idea what to do until I have that head specifically in hand. I'm guessing the head is ever so slightly bigger than a Vehicon's, so the space won't be an issue. I'll be cutting up a Vehicon for this, so I might take its neck and swap parts out, or cut and glue. I don't know yet. But the idea is to replace the original chats with a Vehicon chest, cut the hood in half and have it slide out and fit over the head and on to the chest, then add a tail, affix the head, and mount FOC Starscream's gun halves on top. Oh, and finish the other front leg and sand some of the parts to be smoother. The other two will be much more simple. Get a car Vehicon, get a jet Vehicon, add some paint, boom. Chet will be the most intense custom I've attempted, and it is all thanks to you.
    7. rattraprules98
      Hey I posted a picture of the body I'm making to use with the Chet head in the D.R.E.A.D.S thread in fan art. I was wondering what you thought and if you think it would work.
    8. mirageandjazz11
      ok but there are weapons that were cut like a black hole gun and a shotgun.

      also pics of the guns the generic AI use in the campaign.
    9. AndyHibbsCustom
      Hello would it be possible to have an up scaled evil right meg hand made to fit my new 22inch DOTM megs? Im also ntrested in an upscaled meg scatter blaster ? hope you can help. thanks and happy new year
    10. mirageandjazz11
      Sense they deleted my post do you want me to email you the gun pics?
    11. mirageandjazz11
      not to pester you or anything but i posted pics from the art of fall of cybertron weapons (and characters mostly cut content on your shapeways weapons thread) to help you with making weapons including the ai guns and guns that did not make it into the game.
    12. phoenixliger
      hey great job on all your work lately. that new hammer is realy impressive the ammount of detail is amazing. cant wait to see if you do any thing with foc Bruticus.
    13. rattraprules98
      Well, my parents grabbed Dreadwing before I could open it and said "merry Christmas." Looks like I'll be waiting till Christmas to get DW -_-
    14. Kilowog
      Now your bot is trying to sell me energy drinks
    15. ThatOddGuy
      Hey Ariel, I'm a big fan of your work, especially your WFC line of weapons.

      Speaking of which, would it be possible of you to take a photo of RTS Jazz with the Zerodivisate Beamer?

    16. fakebusker83
      I do sell curtains on the side...LOL!
    17. Kilowog
      Yeah it was a spammer, got another email from "Ariel Lemon" today asking me to buy curtains(?????????)
    18. AndyHibbsCustom
      Hi any chance you could make some larger sized DOTM meg evil hands ? very interested ! hope to hear from you soon
    19. Kilowog
      In any case, name's Nathan, in case it was regarding something on shapeways, currently in a slight dispute with them over a shipment, in case you sent a message to someone named nathan but didnt realize it was me? /paranoid
    20. Kilowog
      weird then, phishers are crafty beasts aint they
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