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May 7, 2015
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Well-Known Member, Male, from PA

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Jan 17, 2019 at 8:31 AM
    1. RVeaks1973
      Great person to deal with, fast pay very honest.
    2. Italiandangla14
      He has been nothing short of terrific. Has helped me locate and track down 2 figures in the past couple of days. I would highly recommend him to anyone!
    3. Honesty
      That's pretty damn cool. I always tell my wife that I would love to go to a TF con of sorts to meet people. I'm not really into anime/anymore (except the art style itself and character design appreciation), but at least anime-type of conventions were semi plentiful and easy to meet people with like interests.

      Never thought I would really meet any Transformers collectors around here. I try to get my kid and wife into TF sometimes, but they have no interest really ._.

      My daughter is super into MLP, so that is one good thing if Hasbro makes a "HasCon" instead of straight up Bot-Con (I love 3P anyway, so not sure if I would ever go to an official convention regardless - would make an exception for her though!)

      And hey. At least you to out. We usually have everything delivered or brought home :( hahaha.
    4. Honesty
      Sweet! Yeah that's awesome.

      I was driving home with my wife one day, and noticed someone getting a package from BBTS (noticed the shipping tape they use with their lettering all over it haha), and I was like: "oo! Look! BBTS!" Lol

      The wife and kid already know what "pile of loot" means, hahaha.

      I am also surprised you know where Stroudsburg is. Many people in PA don't even have a clue! :)
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