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Dec 1, 2016 at 2:55 PM
May 1, 2007
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I ruined the Hall of Fame, 35

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Dec 1, 2016 at 2:55 PM
    1. Novaburnhilde
      Nice work on that hall of fame thing, Erector. >:C
    2. SeanTF1967
      Is she not purple and pink and Megatron is grey
    3. SeanTF1967
      What Animated Character is your avatar
    4. biscuits
      Afraid you're just going to have to deal with it, this year and a few more :lol
    5. Aptom
      Do you have a lonk to your feedback page please dude?
    6. SydneyY
      It's difficult to keep in touch with people when my hours are ahead. When I am up and about everyone else is in bed :( Catch you soon mate
    7. SydneyY
      oh NOW I SEE

      Not doing too bad myself. Just buying a very limited number of toys and spend time at Fuzzy! Gotta go to bed now though, early rising tomorrow for kid's tennis match.
    8. SydneyY
      How are you?
    9. SydneyY
      see I typed in all caps but it didn't work
    10. SydneyY
      Does all caps even work?
    11. RedAlert Rescue
      RedAlert Rescue
      I may be interested in purchasing your TFCC Circuit what is your outside ebay price for a fellow board member please ?
    12. pumpkingonzo
      Thanks for your very kind words regarding my work.
      Very much appreciated.
      Thank you :)
    13. biscuits

      Auto Assembly is soon isn't it? I once again won't be attending, mostly because I'm not as interested now but I also can't get there anyway :p
      Say hi to everyone from Biscuits...give you all something to howl into the night about :lol
    14. biscuits
      I've done some self study and been shown stuff by my brother, but he also told me that video editing and photoshop are useful in the course both of which I'm pretty good at :D
    15. biscuits
      My brother also studied 3D animation, but he did it because it was all he wanted to do. He liked it though and is good at it. I've been wanting to do 3D animation for ages now :p
    16. biscuits
      College then university, hoping to study 3D animation but I will most likely have the options to study drama as well so I should have two choices :D
    17. biscuits
      In all fairness, the school does suck :p The people and teachers are awesome though. (well...most of them)

      Staying in school for another 2 years to do highers and advanced highers (haggises and advanced haggises if you will) So yeah, thats my plan and it is flawless in it's great eternity!
    18. biscuits
      Was on Thursday last week :p

      I used to be good at French, but in the space of 2 years my class went through 7 teachers, all of whom left :lol So changing teacher or not having one kind of ruined all hope for that haha!
    19. biscuits
      One left now D: They have all gone rather well, aside from Credit (highest level) Maths and French as I could care less about French :lol I had physics today and that went better than expected, just can't wait to get them over with!

      Well, I wouldn't call exams exciting :p

      I'm also now of the age where train tickets become more expensive :(
    20. biscuits

      Not much, exams :lol Only 2 left! The end is near!

      Whats going on with you?
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