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Robot In Disguise, 38

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Sep 29, 2016 at 12:01 AM
    1. Chopperface
      Ahhh. I gotcha now. Personally I am not fond of how now every single thing Hasbro spits out has to be based on the films (Kreo, Prime, some of Animated, etc). I mean, how many yellow mute Camaros do we need to have?

      If that didn't apply to what you were saying, sorry. I have a habit of being scatter brained sometimes.
    2. Chopperface
      NO, I don't care HOW "successful" the movieverse was financially, I didn't care for it. At all.

      Weird. "Verse" is italicized in your word "movieverse". Sorry, just a random thought.

      I also agree with one of your posts below - some of the movie designs were indeed ugly. The Fallen actually looked horrendous to me, especially that "toy". The Megatron design from the first film was also crap.

      I'm not here to trash your disdain towards the movies by the way, just dropping by to say I partly agree with you. :)
    3. Enigma2K2
      Do people still use these pages?
    4. Enigma2K2
      Wow... this is awkward. Okay, so it will become common knowledge that I am not the biggest fan of the movie line. I honestly don't care about those robot designs. That being said, what do you do when your god mother presents you with a late Christmas gift... a ROTF The Fallen figure?

      ... you shut your pie-hole, and show your gratitude, you little s****... it's the thought that counts...

      ... but man this thing is f'n ugly.
    5. Enigma2K2
      Warbot: Defender does not taste like lemon/lime when you lick it... which is disappointing considering the colors.
    6. Superquad7
      Mods are people to :)

      Hang out: yes; stalk? No. :wink:
    7. Kickback
      Having a life will do that to you.
    8. Enigma2K2
      I gots me an early Christmas present... from myself, kids... I now have a complete trio... DIA/Powered Commander, Shadow Commander... and in an unbelievable stroke of luck, CITY COMMANDER! That Classics Albino Prime... she's like a rare white elk, she is...
    9. MetalRyde
      nah, you thinking of getting RotF on ps3. story short (about 11 hours) but everyones loving the multiplayer.
    10. Vangelus
      I was nice to it! :P
    11. VoiceofRiDPrime
      Thanks for the kind words! I appreciate that you have your point of view as well as the class to be supportive. You ROCK!

      Your Buddy,
      Neil Kaplan
    12. Kickback
      Don't playa-hate my $4.99 WalMart sunglasses.
    13. Mechafire
      I know. :lol
    14. Mechafire
    15. Mechafire
    16. MetalRyde
      or august .
    17. MetalRyde
      june 23rd, thats when youll be back.
    18. MetalRyde
      no charge for you. they say so.
    19. MetalRyde
      i need a car... or universe dinobot...

      (huh?) ive been told that this one is no charge... damn it.
    20. MetalRyde
      dude, im constantly losing interest in sf4, rb2 and re5. i know why too. im playing too much of them.

      to counter that. i rotate the games to keep them fresh. stop playing SF4 for a week or two. and play something else. like burnout. then later youll want to try SF4 again. trust me. it helps.
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