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Mar 28, 2017 at 10:49 PM
    1. TFPrime
      Hey man, I still remember you as the one to come to with Beast Wars stuff.. I bought this set off ebay for 75$ but I just wanted the 2 actual convoy/lio figures.. 3 of the packages aren't even opened.. the bags anyways, but all are complete minus the lio convoy figure and the big convoy alt mode.. the little secondary animals they came with are all still included as well.. would you be interested in these? Like 40ish?
    2. Transfan2
      My online store currently has
      BH Constructbots Bulkhead
      DLX Twinstrike (1 left at the moment)
      DLX Windrazor (1 left at the moment)
      DLX Smokescreen
      DX Bumblebee

      HOpe that helps,
    3. Derik
      It's not exactly a hurry... the TFWiki is trying to catch up on 25 years of history. Everything is half-done, but also slowly approachig a respectable level of comprehensveness.

      (What I'm saying is- we'd love any photos... but at your convienience. We dont' expect you to go tearign through your storage room for 'em... )

      Thanks for the treply man! (Me, being as-ver belated in following up in messages like this.)
    4. Derik
      Hey engledogg, Christopher Hawks from the "Go-Bots are Pure Love Fansite" suggested I ask you about using some pics you took for him of the "First Transformers," on the TF Wiki.

      I'm particularly keen to contrast two of your pictures showing a mold change in the dump-truck Transformer for one of our safety articles, but Doug was also curious about more general use for the character articles.

      Anyway- Chris said you gave him the rights to use the pictures, so we should ask you if we wanted to use 'em as well. ...did that make sense? (I'm high on pain medication at the moment, it's hard tot ell from here.)

      Regardless, I want to congratulate you- that's some pretty awesome photography man.
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