Nov 4, 2012
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Autobot's Head Chef, Female, 29

    1. Haloid1177
      One of those months.
    2. Haloid1177
      Life is complicated and shitty and people suck.
    3. Superquad7
      Yeah, for real. I just got over a sinus infection a few weeks ago and seemingly I have much of the same thing again.

      Yeah, RiD is a pass. I'm only getting Masterpiece figures now.
    4. Superquad7
      Yo! I've been sick all week. All three of us have, but the girls are both better now, so 2/3 ain't bad. Especially if it's just me. :)

      How's mah buddy?
    5. eagc7
      howdy :)
    6. SPLIT LIP
      I don't mean to be a bugaboo but your pm box is full. :(
    7. Novaburnhilde
      I've actually been watching since TCJJ Has been posting. :lol I couldn't resist, and I love the show so far, I really do. The Decepticons are so unique-looking.

      I also really like the Autobot characters~
    8. Novaburnhilde
      I'm doing alright at the moment, thanks. ^A^ Looking forward to the next episodes of RiD and the upcoming issues of IDW's TF Comics, the usual. :3
    9. Novaburnhilde
      Hey Waffles~ Hope your doing well at the moment. oAo
    10. Hotshotprime43
      About the MMA figher thing.

      I could have worded that better. The guy keep threatening to beat me up and trying to intimate me. Trying to stand over me and stuff like that egging me on. I got some good comebacks in there and thank God a fight never happened. I didn't want to mean he just started being a dick and I was just trying to stand up for myself without getting killed haha.

      It funny though because later on he stopped being an a-hole he said he respected me for not being a woss and not letting him boss me around while others were doing what ever he wanted.
    11. MasterZero
      I'm well. Been really busy lately. Both with academic stuff, but I'm also trying to pick up a talent for drawing. I'm still not very good, but y'know, I'm learning.

      And how have you been, O' Great Waffles?
    12. Bruticon
      LOL Sounds like you had a relaxing weekend. Oh Georgia... how I wish thy weather be more stable. We had a little rain in TN but other than that it was fairly nice down there.
    13. Bruticon
      From what I can remember yes... yes I did :D. How was your weekend?
    14. Bruticon
      So yea... I doubt we go anywhere else in the next few years.
    15. Bruticon
      Lol nea, not a break out gig or anything. We/they are never going pro we just do this for fun. The whole reason we get invited out here is way back in the day there was a local band that was most defiantly good enough to play professionaly and they played here . The following from my area was awesome and the bar had record beer sales so every year the Silver Dollor Saloon invites bands from the area to play here.... Mostly for the beer sales lol.
    16. Bruticon
      Been here for more than a few hours now slept the entire ride down. There are a lot of people here kind of reminds me of my time in Waikiki. Hope you have a good weekend really wish the weather would have corporated.
    17. Stonecrusher
    18. Murasame
      I saw people standing in waist high snow on 9gag, was that what you're talking about? Tomorrow on Sunday it's going to be warm and sunny here. At least that's what they're saying. Me and my cold are eagerly awaiting what's to come :D
    19. Bruticon
      Checked the weather today and yep TN is cold and icy as well, looks like Saturday will be nice though. The band chartered a bus so I won't be driving but thanks for the concern.
    20. Murasame
      Yeah, I guess it's the eyes of someone working with graphics and also bad photos who sees a white and gold dress with color levels not adjusted correct! That's how I see it. white and gold with too much of a blue hue. :)

      How are you? :)
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