Nov 4, 2012
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Autobot's Head Chef, Female, 29

    1. Starscream600
      Oh man, obsidia's the bau5 when it comes to drops man. They are goooood. But still, nothing beats Cyberoptics. That guy man, his tracks are pure gold. When I turn up my subwoofer, my toys start flying off the shelves. Here, try some.

      Cyberoptics - Plasma Cutter - YouTube

      Robokop - Anthem (Cyberoptics Remix) - YouTube

      My Teddy Eats Children - 11pm (cyberoptics remix) - YouTube

      Cyberoptics - Assimilate - YouTube

      Just to name a few. And yeah, while I was searching for those tracks, starscream decided to fly off my shelf. Tell me what you thought of those tracks.
    2. Starscream600
      Dude, have you like heard these tracks? Their drops are sick!

      1. Messiah - Weapons Specialist - YouTube

      2. Downlink - Emergency (Original Mix) [FULL] - YouTube

      3. Mark Instinct - Killa - YouTube

      4. Sub Antix-Human Error - YouTube

      5. Equid - Stalker Catcher (betaclip) (The Factory Rec.) by Equid on SoundCloud - Hear the world

      Just digging through my old stuff and I found these tracks on my hard drive, went on to youtube and searched them up and hey presto, all have been uploaded! All of them are filthy dubstep except for the last one, it's Drumstep I think.
    3. Purple Heart
      Purple Heart
      Awesome! Heres this!

      Else & Owl - The Fall Of Hyperion - YouTube
    4. Starscream600
      That's because Soundwave IS a drone. :D And omg that Drum and BASS.

      Yeah that track's awesome. S3RL - Transformers [2011 Mix]. It was the G1 Season 2 Theme if my memory's not too shabby XD. But yeah, I own 2 Pioneer CDJ-1000s and a Pioneer DJM-800 which I do mixes on.

      EDIT: I used to own those gear, I have sold them a few days ago. I keep thinking I still had them :lol I'm now using a controller, Numark Mixtrack Pro 2.
    5. Starscream600
      Yeah his macros are sick. Although, the quality of his videos today seem to have dropped...

      Yeah well anyways, other than my dubstep mix, how were my Hardcore mixes? Also, you might wanna check this guy out:

      Glassball - Robots In Disguise [Official Dubstep MOVIE] - YouTube

      You can download the full 60-minute mix in the video description.
    6. Starscream600
      Wait. You know the guy? We're talking about the same WoW Warrior right? Omg. I need new friends to play WoW with :D

      No I haven't submitted anything because honestly, my mixing skills isn't as good as other small time DJs out there. I dearly wish I was good tho. :lol
    7. Purple Heart
      Purple Heart
      Welcome! So do you like this?

      Lootin in London - Need for Speed Rivals Music Video HD 720p - YouTube
    8. Starscream600
      Haha I saw your sig and I thought you were a music producer! I'm not the sort of DJ that produces stuff, instead, I mix tracks often in front of a crowd or to my wall cause my decks are facing the wall haha. But yeah, I don't have any videos yet due to a lot of copyright notices when I post videos up so I post my mixes on Soundcloud or Mixcrate. I mainly mix UK Hardcore or Happy Hardcore but I do Dubstep, Hardstyle and Electro sometimes.

      DJ Ra1n DJ Mixes - Mixcrate

      DJ Ra1n's sounds on SoundCloud - Hear the world

      DJ Ra1n - YouTube

      Do give me some feedback! :D
    9. Starscream600
      So I saw your sig, I'm guessing you're a Music Producer? Nice to meet you, I'm (or used to be) the resident DJ here at TFW because everyone practically knows that I'm a DJ :lol
    10. AAarcher221
      I'm an Archer. wink wink
    11. Purple Heart
      Purple Heart
      Ah Azedia...I love those guys!

      It seems me and you share an interest in music!
    12. Fallout
      yo bud, just thought i should let you know you're not alone as far as close friends being pregnant. my friend did the exact same thing and she's 4 weeks now. we'll get thru this together right?
    13. eagc7
    14. LegionMaximus
      Hey there! Nothing much! :)
    15. SoundwaveFanboy
      Same and Awesome Tfw Profile Name.:thumb
    16. SoundwaveFanboy
      Thanks for Accepting My Friend Request.:)
    17. DepthWave
      By the way, thanks for letting me know that you are going to put my screenshots in use. I am pleased to "hear".
    18. Bumblebee765
      Awesome! I'm a huge LEGO fan! :D
      Welcome to tfw! Nice to meet you too! :)
    19. Bumblebee765
      Are those LEGO waffles in your avatar? If so, that's awesome! :thumb
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