Nov 4, 2012
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Autobot's Head Chef, Female, 28

    1. MasterZero
      Drawings by Blade1000 | Photobucket

      Here's the link to some of my better work. It ain't perfect, but I'm somewhat proud of it. Just so you know, the picture with the purple girl has another drawing of her beside it. I didn't draw that one. One of my mentor/friends did. He's a lot better at this stuff than I am, but he's also been at this longer.

      Anyways, I'm still working to be a better artist.
    2. MasterZero
      I enjoy drawing Pokemon sometimes. They're great practice for shapes. I also drawn humans and superheroes, but I'm no expert on that matter. I just started a few months ago. I'm lucky to have a lot of great friends teaching me and critiquing my work. I'll shoot you a pm with some of my better work if its okay.

      I liked Avengers 2, though I think I might have enjoyed Avengers 1 more. I liked the fight scenes and loved how it brought so many characters together. I do feel Ultron was a bit 'too' comedic at times, and I felt he was beaten a bit too quickly, but it was still a great film. I am a bit salty still that they changed Ultron's creator from Henry Pym to Tony :(.

      Edit: Actually, I'll just send you a link to the album.
    3. Bruticon
      Yea, she's two going on three weeks old now, sorry I didn't mention it sooner. Her baptism is in three weeks. My brother wanted to do the baptism the Sunday that I was coming back home from Botcon but needless to write that didn't really work for me so that's why it's later than normal. Bibles and rosary's are the norm for confirmation, with my godson I did the $100 savings bond thing plus a walking seat thing for when he got older but Eric and Sarah got all of my sisters stuff like that so they don't need any of the normal baby things. I think I'm going to have to scourer the web and find some camouflage baby girl clothing. Maybe something that says I want to be a hunter like my mommy, that'll really chap my brothers 6 lol.
    4. Bruticon
      Hah! Yep that's my mothers take on who I should date. Maybe it's a good thing? I'm extremely pick and self adsorbed and she's the opposite, when it comes to me at least. She makes me rethink people I've already dismissed, well, rethink but my mind never changes I'm too stubborn for that.

      Oh, don't you know I've got 134,000 chicks at home lol and get new ones every 18 weeks or so. What can I say? They come flocking too me.
    5. Bruticon
      Yea, I've never had to block people before and I don't like doing it but I really just don't care enough to go though the whole drawn out process of explaining that it sucks she's having a tough time but after everything she needs to find someone else's shoulder to cry on.
    6. MasterZero
      A little, yeah.

      I've actually taken up a hobby drawing. Just decided to learn from some of my friends and now I'm just trying to improve as an artist. How are you, Waffles?
    7. Bruticon
      LOL if you had Word XP aka 2000 I'd probably be able to do what ever you need to do for you alas these new office programs I wouldn't even know where to start either. You'd think that MS would have made things simpler over the years...

      Me? Not too much. Most recent ex has been txting and calling for the past few weeks from time to time while I've just ignored it but then she went and tried calling on 3 different numbers and setting her phone to private so I went and got an app that not only blocks calls but txt as well. Heck, I wouldn't be a bit surprised if she ends up reading this tbh... I guess some people just don't know when to let go.
    8. Bruticon
      I understand that she's having a rough time in dealing with her upcoming divorce and all but not to sound too heartless I just don't care. You know part of "our" history but that's what it is history and hopefully she learns that soon. I don't want to block an entire area code just because 1 person cannot understand what "Do yourself a favor and lose my number." means.
    9. Bruticon
      So yea, that's tiring. Other than that doing my thing here reading post looking forward to a slew of preorder items coming in. Oh did I mention that my brother and sister in law had their child? I'm a godfather again to my little niece... and I have no idea what to buy her for her baptism and my mother just uses this as a reason to reiterated the need for me to find ANY girl that could live with me and marry her lol. My mother... I tell you what :).
    10. Bruticon
      Well... Clip art to the rescue then I guess lol.
    11. Bruticon
      Dang city folk... only thinking of themselves :D. It's a good idea to give farm dogs shots as well... Road kill, dead livestock, random wood creatures and all that jazz but in the same token we don't treat pets like anything other than pets. It may sound awful to some but when their prevous pup got ran over by their neighbor, as much as my nephews loved that dog, there was little reaction out of them other than "dang it... I guess we need a new dog... aurgh and that one was such a good dog too." so I think there's just a different mentality with pets out here than most populated areas.

      3 car loads, sounds like fun... Is this the same friend that you helped move last year?
    12. Bruticon
      Design in MS Word... Have fun with that lol. I think I'd rather try that in PowerPoint :D.
    13. Bruticon
      Dang.. forgot to click the convo button... It's been a long day. Out here in the boondocks people don't usually get their pups from breeders, we have farm dogs after all so why spend the money when you can go down the road a few miles and pick up a pup that some ones female got pregnant by someone else's loafing male. USUALLY people still get their puppies shots but in this case they must not have. It's sad and a shame but honestly I've never given any of my dogs shots in the past and if they ever came down with something because of my experience handling animals over the years I know and have access to any medication they need. Pups are a bit different because they are much more vulnerable a that age.
    14. Starscream600
      Forum surfing again so I thought I say hi. :)

      How are you doing so far?
    15. mandiprime97
      Hey Waffles, how's it going?
    16. Haloid1177
      Georgia has an island? What's up with that. Where you applying at?

      Eh I lack any real complaints right now other than actual health shit.
    17. Haloid1177
      How we doing Waffles.
    18. BattleUpSaber
      Um. I assume you're talking about RID Ep 14, since there's been much mix up between that and 13.

      The thread that's been stickied is titled Ep 13, it's actually Ep 14.

      The thread that I started that says Ep 14, that's Ep 13.

      Result of a mix up from the initial airing and release of the two Eps. So yeah. Hope that helps.
    19. SeanTF1967
      No, someone reminded my fried to make discussions and he had the same idea as that occurred. :lol
    20. SeanTF1967
      Could you merge some threads in the RID Discussion
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