Nov 4, 2012
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Autobot's Head Chef, Female, 28

    1. Haloid1177
      Life's been pretty nuts the past two months between work and class but everything's pretty okay.
    2. Bruticon
      I've been well. Got a new flock of chicks in on Wednesday so I'll be in the coop a bit more than normal over the next few days. One of my old HS friends had his annual campout this weekend so I had a good time catching up with them. Other than that works, well... work.

      How about yourself? Other then the fender bender anything new with you?
    3. Bruticon
      I'm glad to read that you are fine and damage was minimal.

      So I take it you like him? Leo is from a company called Perfect Effects. If you haven't done so I'd recommend watching a video review or two and doing a quick read on him in the 3rd party section. There have been a few that have busted some of his ball joints in the tail, waist, shoulders, and feet. I think that in most cases the parts were over extended causing breakage but there were a few that showed there was an air bubble that weakened the joint. The little nubs that hold the swords on the tail piece are also very prone to breakage. If the swords go on tight I recommend sanding the pegs down a bit so they slide on better.
    4. Bruticon
      Gah, getting ready to shut down for the night...

      "The mystery box, you chose the mystery box! Show her what's in the mystery box! Nothing..... absolutely nothing! You are so stupid!" 20 internet cool points if you can name the movie that's off of without googling it :D.

      Oh no's. Are you alright? What happened?
    5. Meta777
      No worries, Waffles! Thanks in turn for bringing her to life! Whenever snakes hit things with their mace tails or shoot things with hood lasers, we'll always be thankful for waffles :D
    6. Meta777
      Heya Waffles; just wanted to let you know that, whilst I was doodling, I did a fun wee tribute to you over that awesome doodle of the rattlesnake robot you did :D

    7. moreprimeland
      Good, I looked for the ep in sticky and didn't see it.... thought I'd post in a bit.
    8. moreprimeland
      Watching it now aamof, nope it's not last week's, it's definitely new. Yay.
      Thought for nanoklick they were back in Jasper, NV. :lol
    9. SeanTF1967
      Not even Tfwiki?
    10. SeanTF1967
      So never use the img with any other website besides a photo hosting website. Correct?
    11. SeanTF1967
      Still do not get it, then why do we have

    12. SeanTF1967
      What does Hotlink mean?
    13. mandiprime97
      That's good to hear. :)

      I actually haven't seen RID yet. Can't seem to get around to it. Have you?
    14. Murasame
      Yup, I liked the one at the Zoo. :) I mean I liked everything. But the thing at the Zoo is kinda relatable. Leaving someone for cute animals :D :lol
    15. Barricade24
      Okay, thanks for the info.

      Where exactly can I find the gallery?
    16. Barricade24
      Hey, just wondering, are you still wanting screenshots from Transformers games? I thought I remembered something like that awhile back.
    17. Murasame
    18. Murasame
      That's what I sadly don't know. But probably worth finding out :)
    19. Murasame
      Hey, look what I found :D
    20. Starscream600
      Well aren't we all busy lol

      Yeah I'm still doing it, my school has a DJ club so naturally I'm in it.

      RiD's not too bad. It's a more lighter version than the dark theme of prime.

      And here's a track to make up for the time I didn't reply lol

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