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Nov 29, 2018
Jan 29, 2008
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Nov 29, 2018
    1. the (H)i(GH)con
      the (H)i(GH)con
      sorry for the delay... havent had internet. I actually have a few joes somewhere that I got in a bag of random stuff at a flea market. Im not all that familiar wth the names of the different lines, but I know they have to be fairly recent. I have a few crimson gaurd, one of which being a python patrol deco, a half panted destro I started & never finished, and a what I think is a cobra scuba diver (bot not an eel). I dont think i'll ever use them for anything, and I'll gladly pass em your way if you're interested in em. I could take pics, but i'd have to send them to a cell phone or an email address with my phone until get my internet turned back on
    2. the (H)i(GH)con
      the (H)i(GH)con
      Nice to meet you too. It really is a small world! As for the customs, I ust wish I could finish a few more of them! HAHA! I never got to ask you, how's the selection, toy wise, over there? It's AWFUL over here. I hope you didn't plan on scoring anything cool while you were here besides bumblebees...
    3. ironjazz
      you know the way on april 1 the whole site changes what is it like I heard it is shite what do you think?
    4. ironjazz
      I didn't see any voyager there yesterday
    5. ironjazz
      hey dsn Bot Shots, Prime Voyagers and Prime Legion figures are at smyths waterford now according to the website
    6. Superquad7
      No apologies needed on your end. I think you've handled yourself very well - maturely and patiently. Just keep us updated :)
    7. ironjazz
    8. Superquad7
      Pm received. Thanks for the update! I hope everything works out :)
    9. ironjazz
      Ok did they have much soundwaves?
    10. ironjazz
      ok do you know if the optimus and comettor ? mold is any good
    11. ironjazz
      did smiths have the optimus and comettor 2 pack?
    12. ironjazz
      thanks for the heads up I use my money if cliff or soundwave is there
    13. ironjazz
      My mindwipe has been updated
    14. ironjazz
      Thanks for the tips
    15. ironjazz
      yeah my phone cam is not the best but um yeah it turns into a jet thanks for the feedback
    16. ironjazz
    17. ironjazz
      Okay. I made a new custom do you want to see it?
    18. ironjazz
      Hey I might be at smiths on the 10 I'll let you know there are any prime rid toys
    19. ironjazz
    20. ironjazz
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