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Jan 7, 2006
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Prototype / Testshot collector

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Viewing thread MP-20+ Wheeljack, Nov 19, 2018 at 8:06 AM
    1. rram73
      I would be interested in splitting up the fortress Maximus upgrade set with you. Contact me and let me know the details
    2. stprime
      Pm me about the head.
    3. Transfan2
      Of Course. ^_^

    4. Transfan2
      Hi DC,
      I see what I can do in regards to your request.

    5. Backstop
    6. Transfan2
      I wish to politely decline the offer of the Unpainted Pink Spychanger..but thanks for letting me know about it.

      Good luck with the sale,
    7. Transfan2
      No problem. Let me know if you want it, otherwise I am going to entertain other offers.
      I try to let you know soon...sorry for the delay :(

    8. Transfan2
      Good to hear and thanks for the pics in regards to Unpainted one.

    9. Transfan2
      I apologize for the mix-up in regards to Pink Spychangers.

      Sorry about that,
    10. Coinhound
      I didnt think fb could be left in a seperate forum. Hope you leave me one to.

    11. Jason_Canty
      Sent you a note.
    12. Superquad7
      Thanks for being so cool, man! I appreciate your help in arming my G1s! :)
    13. Transfan2
      Hey TF2 who are you getting to cast the parts for Menasor?
      I asked Alyoshas/BrokenArrowToys to help me out regarding G2 Menasor (Repro) Parts.

      Sorry for long wait on the answer,
    14. Transfan2
      Not to much going on with me, how about you? Congrats on the Windrazor win. That was the only one that I thought was reasonable! The others were ok but in the end they are just kitbashes. Now if they were molded in that color I would be all over them. How do you like the G2 Menasor custom from Frenzy_rumble? I was thinking about getting one and was wondering how close the coloring was to the real ones (Well Motormaster and DragStrip at least).
      I am doing fine and thanks for the congratulations regarding Windrazor while I agree with your reasonable comment.
      ^==Here is a picture of it, The Combined mode looks really nice with Motormaster pretty close looking to the original so if you want, give him a shot and he will do you well.
      How does it go at the moment?
    15. Transfan2
      Hey DoubleClouder,
      How are you doing today?
    16. Ras
      hit me up on msn
    17. Transfan2
      Hey Doubleclouder,
      Thanks for your words/advice regarding not being able to get everything in life besides, not everything can be obtained.
      On the other hand, I am grateful for the three G2 Stunticons that I do have (G2 Motormaster, Drag Strip MOSC, and Breakdown) and if I get the other 2...yay and if not, oh goes on.

      In Other News
      > The Custom G2 Menasor that Frenzy Rumble is making for me (a request) is pretty much near the finish.
      > Let's say I did find a Repro-parts people to help with completing G2 Motormaster or at least make him look complete (good enough to me).
      > Still a Club Exclusive (G2 Menasor) Supporter..within reason of course.

      Have a good day :)

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