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Mar 13, 2015
Aug 15, 2006
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Is bullheaded., 32

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Mar 13, 2015
    1. Eric
      Dila? You still around?
    2. Autobot Burnout
      Autobot Burnout
      Just want to leave a message here in case you ever browse these messages, but Happy Holidays Mr. DilaZirk and I hope you are doing well. :)
    3. Eric
      Hey, you still there?
    4. spartan 3764
    5. supernova222
      hey man, i just saw these sick screencaps you had of tidal wave from the TF armada game on some thread. how the hell did u get those. they are the best pics from the game i've ever seen.
    6. TrueNomadSkies
      I like your avatar, yep.
    7. Transfan327
      twilight: i'm sorry. my magic has no effect on evil. :,(
      Rainbow: twi you do know..
      Applejack: wait for it.....
      Twilight: oh wait! GUYS!!!
    8. Transfan327
      everybody: OMG NIGHTMARE MOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RUN AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      luna: face hoof
    9. DilaZirK
      Hmm, for me it isn't. But if you're not at all bothered by that entire missing chunk, then yeah, it's a steal.
    10. Transfan327
      everything that makes the back of the truck. still, is it a good deal?
    11. Transfan327
      hey, um got a question.

      is it a good deal that i got a loose RID prime thats missing everything for $1.50?
    12. Inikalord
      Yeah, I'm still surprised myself. The first chapter alone raked in about 25 reviews in about 2 days or so when I first put it online.
    13. Inikalord
      I'm currently in the process of writing between a Naruto and Dragonball Z fics. So far, my Naruto fic has about 3 chapters and 100 reviews so far while my DBZ fic only has about 1 chapter and 15 reviews so far.

      In total, I have about 6 fics under my wing, 2 which are oneshots, a sequal to a oneshot which is on indefinite hiatus (Probably gonna put it up for adoption), a cancelled story which has the first chapter online and the rest I mentioned to you earlier.
    14. Inikalord
      I've been doing alright myself. School holidays for me are coming to a near end and I've enjoyed them. Been spending most of my time on FanFiction.net reading and writing a few fics here and there.
    15. Inikalord
      Dila! How are things going on your end?
    16. Transfan327
    17. Transfan327
      i was talking about power master prime. he's old so i called him old-man prime
    18. Transfan327
      you know what would be a TOTAL dick move for old-man prime to do? have him go 'sentinal prime' on them, and like right at the end he's like, "just kidding everyone"
    19. Transquito
    20. General Magnus
      General Magnus
      Also because you´re a Luna fan:

      YouTube - ‪Forgiveness, Part 1‬‏

      Awsome audio fic.
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