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Mar 13, 2012
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Decepticon Storm Trooper.

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Oct 19, 2017 at 2:28 PM
    1. EnergonWaffles
      hey man

      mind if I change the title of your thread to Prime/RID Screenshots Organized by Episode?
      That way people will know you've uploaded RID ss there too.
    2. jgoss
      No scences after the credits where done but I have heard that some do have extra in them.
    3. jgoss
      Hopefully you recover quickly and I had goosebumps watching AOE I felt like a little kid! There parts I wanted too jump up also! My opinion this was the best so far! Hopefully I'll see it again and definetly gonna get the blu-ray! Also get the ring you want.
    4. jgoss
      hi how are you? Did you see AOE yet?
    5. Lord N
      Lord N
      the battle did defy logic but the effects were pretty good and i agree ill take this family over sam any day, as for ratchets death i think it was a good touch as it gave optimus some character development and at least there were some autobot deaths unlike the finale of transformers prime
    6. Lord N
      Lord N
      hey yea i saw it it had its good moments i would say it was a good movie, i liked galvatron what did you think of it
    7. Darkest Wolf
      Darkest Wolf
      he won't talk to me depth im so sad about that
    8. Darkest Wolf
      Darkest Wolf
      *ratchet crys in tears as he crys on his picture of his beloved pet cat to himself*
    9. Darkest Wolf
      Darkest Wolf
      yeah because I never said good bye to my beloved cat I feel like im so stupid with myself depth I really do
    10. Darkest Wolf
      Darkest Wolf
      depth im crying in tears again I hate my life because of what I done to my past
    11. Darkest Wolf
      Darkest Wolf
      i hate my real dad real bad depth he lied to me he did depth he hurted my feelings bad he should came to my aunt and came to her work and told her that in person he knows where she works at
    12. Darkest Wolf
      Darkest Wolf
      i hate my real dad he lied to me when i spoken to him i seen in some time back in January of this year my two aunts were eye whitnesses to see it when i spoken to him now i hate him and don't want him in my life ever gain you see its not good when you hate you're loved ones or youre friends but i hate my step mother too she has been in my accont here did you know that depth buddy
    13. Darkest Wolf
      Darkest Wolf
      depth i think she didn't die i think she still alive
    14. Darkest Wolf
      Darkest Wolf
      oh depth hello how are you old friend im doing fine I was in Delaware all day yesterday looking for patches I can't find her buddy I give up she is gone buddy Delaware is the first state in the us where im at now I have to call my old man my father in and yell at him for this if i get my aunt talk to him tomorrow night at her job to get him to comfort the answers tomorrow night to so she can talk to him in person for me its hard for me to do this buddy it is i have been so ill for a long time with out my cat patches i called my step mother and my real dad evil some how they hate me both of them do that's why i can't stand them both they both live in Delaware
    15. Darkest Wolf
      Darkest Wolf
      I don't know depth I have to find her bury spot in Delaware some where but I can't tell where she is at I miss her so bad
    16. Darkest Wolf
      Darkest Wolf
      *ratchet puts the picture down and puts eye drops in his dark blue eyes*
    17. Darkest Wolf
      Darkest Wolf
      *ratchet looks at picture of his late beloved cat that he has in his room* oh patches my sweet patches i wish i can take you with me i miss you so bad it hurts me bad to see you gone why did you have to die for
    18. Darkest Wolf
      Darkest Wolf
      hi depth im fine just awoken up im fine I somehow try not to cry last night in my sleep last night
    19. Darkest Wolf
      Darkest Wolf
      i hate my dad because he is marryed to my evil step mother i feel like to tell him off he knows im going to get my revenge if doesn't want to tell me what was patches last words before she died im going to make him pay for this i just used some eye drops in my eyes they helped with the swelling but im tough you see but i will get my revenge from my dad he just doesn't want to talk to him no more he will beg for me watch and see he will
    20. Darkest Wolf
      Darkest Wolf
      i have no more love to give to myself and others
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