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Nov 27, 2012
Jan 29, 2012
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Nov 27, 2012
    1. Stardust262
      It'll help the campaign along swimmingly!
    2. Stardust262
      Knitting is a rather interesting hobby to have
    3. Stardust262
      You should knit a Hot Shot campaign quilt !
    4. Stardust262
      Lurking? There's better things to use your time for than that!
    5. Stardust262
      Hey man, how's things?
    6. prowler13
      How ya doing? Good I hope. Busy as ever I take it? :lol You take on way too much, you know that, right? Well I don't know what it's like there, but its pretty damn hot here, even for FL standards. I won't bother to tell you how much cause then I would have to find a stupid conversion chart. Stupid Canadians. :lol
    7. prowler13
      Hey there. :) Done anything this weekend?
    8. prowler13
      Hey there. :) How you been lately? I hope your doing well. So I saw that your tunnel into the US was closed down due to a bomb threat. Hope you weren't planning to come over to the states today.
    9. prowler13
      Well I know Micro might not be all that exciting or what you really want to do, but like you said your good at it. Think of it as a starting point. Tust me, I tried studying things I found interesting but wasn't that good at and all it did was cause me to get bad grades and take a long time to finish. It may not be what you want to study, but it's something.

      You know I'm here for you if you ever want to vent about stuff.
    10. prowler13
      Hey there. I just realized that it was July. So happy belated HS graduation. :) What's your summer plans like?
    11. prowler13
      Where at? Have you made up your mind yet? I know you wanted to stay near your home.
    12. prowler13
      Almost done with HS :) Are you excited?
    13. prowler13
      Hey there. :) So how's your week been?
    14. prowler13
      Hey, how you been I haven't heard much from you lately.
    15. prowler13
      Are you going to be paid for your services like you were for helping your friend move? Well good luck with the yard work. Don't get hurt.
    16. prowler13
      Having Oliver tomorrow is good. Baby shower today is bad. I don't like parties. Plus I'm tired today. Had a rough night. How about you? How's your weekend looking?
    17. prowler13
      Hey. :) How's your Friday going? It's been rainy here all day. :( I hate the rain. Well it's going to be nice the rest of the weekend tho.

      I've got a baby shower tomorrow and then I get Oliver on Sunday.
    18. prowler13
      Morning. :)

      Just don't let them have any. The Canadian pavillian at EPCOT charges an arm and a leg for just one. It's ridiculous.
    19. prowler13
      Hey :) How's your evening been? I'm tired tonight. Surprise right? :lol

      So how about the coffee crisp shipment? Is it on its way? *hopeful* :)
    20. prowler13
      I'm not sure why but it cracks me up seeing that someone is hot at 46. To me that's really cold. :lol Stupid metric system. I mean everything is ass backwards. It's really just the U.S. tho, I think. I think the rest of the world uses the metric system.

      So how about you send me a nice big box of coffee crisp? Please. You know how much I love them.
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