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The Christian Transfan, 24

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Sep 24, 2018 at 6:37 PM
    1. Soundwave_FSD
    2. Awesomepow
    3. Soundwave_FSD
      It's alright. Kinda hits a lower age level. More than Rescue Bots, Less than TF:P

      oh nice! titans return has some cool figures
    4. Soundwave_FSD
      But why!!!!!! Actually I was contemplating selling some of mine. So I got em all out and that's when they started playing with them. And that's when you saw the pic of Lucy with blurr, then you told me about the new blurr. So I got him...and now I can't convince myself to get rid of them. We've watched season 1 of rid, now on to tfP
    5. Soundwave_FSD
      So basically my kids love transformers now
    6. Soundwave_FSD
      No crossovers yet, unless you count dr whooves. They are the best! You'll see when you have kids, they're just awesome
    7. Soundwave_FSD
      "Sleep maybe" haha Lucy really loves MLP, And Star Wars. So we'll play with her ponies or Lightsaber battle. Ollie is still pretty small, so he doesn't do much more than giggle at silly faces, but he's the cutest.
    8. Soundwave_FSD
      Well, I get up at 6 to get ready and be at work at seven. I get off at four and home about four thirty. Then I play with the kiddos till dinner. Eat, play some more, watch some tv, then go to bed. Lather, rinse, repeat, etc. it's really a blast though. My kids are the best and my wife is the greatest woman in the galaxy!
    9. Soundwave_FSD
      Seriously! Jamie and I have such a hard time adulting some times. It's worth it, but oh man is it time consuming.
    10. Soundwave_FSD
      Well, we have to get ore approved so we know what our budget is. We want 3 bedrooms 2 baths and a basement. Dream homes need to take a step aside for what we need out of a home. But hey, there's a chance we could have it all
    11. Soundwave_FSD
      Adult? Hardly! Haha! That's awesome man. Family life has put my ministry path on hold so to speak. I don't have any free time at the moment. But it is well worth it. We're even about to start looking to buy a house.
    12. Soundwave_FSD
      They're getting so big! Faster than I even imagined. I don't know where the time has gone.
    13. Soundwave_FSD
      I know isn't it! I was bored and was thinking about you so logically instead of texting or face poking you I had to be all nostalgic and get on here.
    14. Soundwave_FSD
    15. Soundwave_FSD
      Duuuuuuuuuuude, It's been a long time. Last time I was on here I had never even had a girlfriend. Now I'm married and have a daughter. haha. #weird
    16. Rubber Ducky
      Rubber Ducky
      As a member of tfw2005 for a couple of years now, how do you consistently manage to get on every day?
    17. Swiftcat Prime
      Swiftcat Prime
      Japan first, South Korea second. :) I would want to plan to see some Korean artists in concert if I could that would be awesome.
      You have to sneak that voice in there. You'll have to let me know how it all goes.
      I'm more used to toddlers but I won't deny there are a handful. Little Chris is adorable~ ^_^
    18. Swiftcat Prime
      Swiftcat Prime
      We’re sure he’ll have a total breakthrough; it’s in God’s hands now. More we chatted the more in common we had, we watched similar anime, we’re both Christian cosplayers(a rare breed indeed), both were fans of Vic, found we watched the same Korean drama which we both adore, and agreed on how the nice guy should have got the girl. Also found we both enjoy Korean Pop music. Nope I haven't been to Japan yet but it's my dream destination. I would drop everything if the opportunity arrived to go there. I've been teaching myself how to write in Katakana(the symbols they use to spell English words).
    19. Swiftcat Prime
      Swiftcat Prime
      Yeah we strike up a chat now and then. I was the first to speak up in a conversation on a Facebook page of this guy who runs one a (role play type) page for anime character we like Tamaki Suoh and he said something one day on his own page that when he was frustrated over how he kept liking these girls who wouldn't date him because they were Christian and he wasn't, so I chimed in about how if it keeps happening he might be attracted to God in them and not realize that’s why he’s attracted to them. Then my penpal chimed in also, now he did listen to what we said but he wasn’t super convinced. My pen pal and I got talking and we made our decision to pray for a breakthrough for him. He uses his character page to cheer people on and cheer them up and he cheered me up on bad days too. He makes a difference to us so we want him to know God and be blessed. Not long after we decided to pray, he started to show the signs of a breakthrough one day.
    20. Swiftcat Prime
      Swiftcat Prime
      No I don't have a Cake the cat to go along with it but that would my make my costume cooler. Well there are plenty of options and I can come up with quite a few lol!
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