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Sep 5, 2016
    1. Noversalrex1024
      It seems Autobot might be a relative term in TLK, would that mean that it is still possible for DragonStorm and Steelbane to be antagonists in TLK? Due to Infurnocus (knight combiner) and Optimus. Thoughts on this idea?
    2. RorMachine
      Hi Alex! Its Brandon Gandiza from Facebook remember me? :D
    3. Galvatron1998
      Thanks for the birthday shout out!
    4. Galvatron1998
      Hey Alex, big fan of your youtube videos! I wanted to drop in and say thanks for taking the time to make update videos on TF5 news and rumors and for treating your fans with respect. My birthday is coming up on the 17th and was wondering if you could do a shout out for me on one of your upcoming videos. Thanks again for the updates!
    5. SeanTF1967
      Happy Early New Year
    6. zachprime86
      Merry christmas and a happy new year
    7. Primus Productions
      Primus Productions
      Hey Alex, Been watching your video's recently. And I wondered to asked. What is your predictions on Galvatron since AoE gave away many hints. And so sorry not introducing myself.
    8. Noversalrex1024
      Any predictions on whether the 5th installment would be a mostly TF characters and less human screen time? The reason I asked is because that's what that ending kind've seemed like to me, so I wanted to know what your thought are on that.
    9. zachprime86
      Do you know what happened to deluxe Stinger and the other wave's.
    10. zachprime86
      Hey Alex I sent you a friend request.

      I watch your videos all the time.
    11. CKSpawn
      did you forget to menton my birthday on the ragin nation
    12. dalekslayer96
      Whoa, you're on TFW2005? Dayum.
    13. SeanTF1967
      Hey happy early birthday #theraginnation4ever
    14. jgoss
      just left you a post on you-tube. what an incredible movie AOE was!! definetly gonna see it again! my opinion the best so far of the tf franchise! i was so pumped i couldn't fall asleep right away!
    15. primal789
      You can watch the rewiev,there are no spoilers just these guys saying basic things,they don't even know the robot's names lol
    16. jakob03g
      i shall do youre advice for not look at spoiler for tf4. tf4 come to sweden july 10. :(
    17. Noversalrex1024
      Hey man. Pumped up for the movie?
    18. PrimeKnightlord
      hey hows it going i dont know if u check this or not anymore.
      i know ur busy but i need some advice. i saw the leaderclass 2 days ago in walmart. and i want to have one. should i get the hasbro one or Takara one? i never owned a leaderclass at all. failed many times XD. thanks . personally its for looks alittle transformation and to collect for a long time.
    19. Guavabot prime
      Guavabot prime
      Alex, are you going to get the AoE evolutions bee so you could get the new mold a lot easier?
    20. Ironhide1234
      Good haul on your AOE figures! At least your TRU had generations line figures! Mine didn't have any Leaders, Voyagers or Deluxes...
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