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Oct 17, 2017 at 8:35 AM
    1. chucksbikeorama
      Hi Dalianjj,
      Sure you're very busy with getting those orders ready and designs finalised, but can you offer any updates about when Quakewave clear will be shipping?
      Also, how about Mercenary? Looking forward to #2 of 3…
    2. intrudermdq
      I received Fanstoys FT-12T this morning, it is really awesome :)

      The diecast body with purple reflecting paint is gorgeous, that makes me remember the paintjob of a Myth Cloth EX (the armor)
    3. King Nergil
      King Nergil
      Hi dalianjj, I do not want to bump the Grinder thread so I put the question here: Since Stomp now has been revealed in colours, has there been any progress on the design of Grimlock? Is there a prototype you could show or an update you could give us? By the way, thanks for the amazing bots FT have released so far!
    4. HolyCulture
      You and your team are amazing. Love the figures. Keep filling in Takara Tomy's gaps. You and each individual member of Fans Toys deserve a big "Thank you for your dedication!"
    5. whitewolfe313
      Any idea when Jetfire might be put into the order of bots? I was so excited when the silhouette was placed when scoria pictures were being shown. Fanstoys figures are my favorite and I can only imagine they would do a great job on him!
    6. Kukaahi
      I appreciate all the work you do. I am always looking forward to the next release.
    7. ronin4375
    8. TF Collector
      TF Collector
      I was wondering, is there any website that still has Quakewave for sale that isn't like 300 dollars?
    9. webz
      Fanstoys scoria got a like on facebook FROM HASBRO!!! This is from the official Hasbro transformers page on facebook... Photo by me.
    10. dalianjj
      They will be sent to retailers by the end of this week.
    11. Patto Prime
      Patto Prime
      Hi there dalianjj,

      I've been a bit out of the loop of late as I have been busy moving house. Could you please let me know what is the situation with obtaining replacement parts for Scoria as I have some loose shoulders. I appreciated any help you may offer.


      Michael Patterson
    12. zerogravity29
      Yes, I agree with webz, I was wondering about your mp not blaster also. Would you release him? Please ☺
    13. webz
      Any chance that your mp version of blaster, originally to be released with acousticwave, will ever see the light of day?
    14. Riot Control
      Riot Control
      thank you for all your hard work!
    15. bscalimero3
      Hi there!
      I was following the Scoria Thread and I am very excited for the Figure. I bought Quakewave the other day and I think it is a true Masterpiece Figure and I said that without even liking the Character!

      I wanted to kindly ask if you could send me the solid Hand and Gun upgrade for my Figure? Mine was only coming with the arm Upgrade and so long I wasn't using the light gimmick, so I don't mind loosing it.

      It would be very kind of you. This is an awesome year for a Dinobot Fan. Hopefully Snarl turns up next year. The Stegosaur was always my favourite Dinosaur.

      Best regards
    16. Vexwing
      I'm very glad to hear you're considering a toy-color Scoria with regular grey parts, I certainly hope sufficient demand is there. Thank you for being so responsive and doing your best to make fans happy!
    17. mjaSoundwave
      Hi Dalianjj,

      Below are pictures from my Quakewave figure. Aside from the glue looking stuff on the hose, but the following issues are also present in the figure. The left side tab for the chest does not and refuses to peg in. The sight piece found on the lower back end is warped and will not sit flush with Quakewave's back. Also the clear plastic that is used for the gun nozzel is also warped and not sitting flush.

      If there is anything that you can do to help, I would greatly appreciate it. As stated in my post I just got this from Toyarena.



    18. webz
    19. Optics080808
      dude have still got some available if so im definitely interested
    20. Muertotron
      Hey JJ,

      The Shockwave is looking great! About your name, are you from Dalian? I am too!
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