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Aug 14, 2018 at 4:33 PM
    1. dafob
      I was wondering if I could purchase the new replacement faces (that came with Grinder) for the DiBots separately? Thanks.
    2. ferrari35
      Hi Dalianjj my grinder turned up today but there was no sword in the box I was told speaking to was my best bet to get one is there any chance I can get one? I don't even mind paying if I have to thanks for your time
    3. wings
      Hi, I have just received Grinder today. I'm having issue with one of
      Soar's leg clips, the hole in one of them is a tad too small and I
      couldn't insert the pin through the hole on the clips. Is it possible
      for you to send me a replacement clip with a slightly bigger hole. I'm
      happy to pay for the part and the extra postage.

      Sorry for the inconvenience.
      best regards,
    4. mirage426
      Hi, Thank you for all of your work.. I've purchased the 4 DiBots, Scoria, Soar, Sever and Stomp... I was wondering How I can acquire the newer heads for Scoria, Soar and Sever separately without purchasing Grinder.
      I appreciate the Help.
      Thank You,
    5. Megagalvatron1
      Hello I was trying to get in touch with you as I was told you could help me with my issue. I recently bought a sovereign and on eBay. It however is missing the red piece that goes in its belt. I wanted to find out if there was a way to get a replacement part for it.
    6. trey carter
      trey carter
      Hey which release was the diecast tabs for Soar coming with again?
    7. Shockwave81
      Hey Dalianjj, I was playing around with Stomp today, and noticed some scratches on the chrome on the upper part of his right 'wing'.

      I must have done it during transformation, as I only noticed it today. Do you happen to have any replacement parts for the right wing?

      Happy to pay, of course.

    8. Shanxs
      I really hope you guys gonna fix this gun.
      I really like your Galvatron and i'm going to buy one.
      Only the gun part is not accurate enough and makes his gun ugly in robot mode.

      Thank you for your time.
      Sorry, i have to post it in pieces because i can't send a mail with more then 420 characters.
    9. Shanxs
      Attach the canon to a white piece beneath the white part that you can pull to the back ( it will show these attachment point for canon mode canon. And in robot mode these 2 attachment points are hidden below that part ).

      What do you think?
      It's because Sovereign's gun on the backside is way too small comparede to the cartoon one.
    10. Shanxs
      or 2:
      I have more ways to fix it.
      The wing part sticking out at the back ( used for aiming ) of his gun rolls to the back.
      Open the L part and flip it to the back ( this part will be split in half ).
      And a white piece pull it to the back for canon mode canon.
    11. Shanxs
      I also think if they make these changes, Galvatrons round piece below his neck where the canon is attached to, has to be a little bit bigger to get the canon in.
      Getting this part 1mm ( 1mm turns into 2mm because it's round ) bigger won't matter i think.
    12. Shanxs
      Make the round white part so that it can pull a bit to the front to cover a bit of the orange part too.
      And the end of the orange part ( which is attached to the white part ) a bit smaller.
      The canon don't have to get bigger or smaller.
      Just make sure the little piece that works as the piece to aim, sticks a bit above the L formed piece like in the cartoon.
      They do need to redesign the canon though.
    13. Shanxs
      Hi dalianjj,
      How are you doing?
      I have some idea's to fix Galvatrons ( Sovereign ).
      Here are my idea's:
      Galvatrons gun has a L formed white piece, and it's 2 square's in L form.
      Let this piece spin to the back when in canon mode and spin it to the other side ( orange side ) and cover a piece of the orange part so it looks like it's attached to the white part.
    14. Orion2703
      Hey dalianjj, I hope you're well.
      Wanted to ask, I've bought both versions of Soar X, which as I'm sure you know have the miss-assembled neck meaning the robot mode head can't sit properly.
      My seller, Kapow in the UK, already shipped them and I have them in hand, are you able to confirm what if any replacement parts are going to be issued for this to correct it.
    15. whitewolfe313
      I wanted to just say thank you for making so many of my childhood wishes come true. I have almost every toy you have made and I'm so excited by Phoenix. Thank you for keeping the quality of your toys so good unlike many others. I probably have spent too much on Transformers but I just can not help but buy your masterpiece figures. Seeing what you have coming out takes my breath away. Such great interpretations. I can tell you put love into making these figures and we the fans notice.

    16. Initial_G
      Hi dalianjj, I've sent you a PM (re: issue with Soar beak). Hoping you can take a look and respond when you have time please.

    17. barok
      Hi Dalian, I PMd you about 3 weeks ago regarding the tab/hole cover in the bottom of my Stomp figure. I am one of the unlucky ones that received the same sides. The retailer I bought from has not responded back lately about replacing the tab. Is it possible that I get a replacement tab from you. Thank you for your time.
    18. Shockwave22
      Got my replacement part for Soar please thank everybody @ Fanstoys
    19. dalianjj
      plz report it to your retailer if you have any issue with our figure, thx
    20. barok
      Hi Dalian, I just received my Stomp figure and the bottom silver colored tab/ hole cover for the bottom of the dino are both the same side. As a result, it does not close properly. I've read in the Stomp thread that this is an error in some of the figures and it's unfortunate that the figure I got had this error. I have the pix posted in the Stomp thread post #4447. Can you help me?
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