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Jan 16, 2019 at 5:13 PM
    1. Blazedriver
      i heard you s tarted fanstoys thats cool i have quietus on the way
    2. extracomputer
      are you still going to do a PerfectFusion Caesium X or has that been cancelled? I know there were some tolerance issues on the original so wasn't sure if this got cancelled due to the extra thickness the paint would put on it or some other reason, or if it is still in the works. If you are still doing it do you have a rough estimate of when we might see it?
    3. Temp1
      Hi dalianjj! Love FT. Could you tell me what the chances are of a FT Optimus Prime?

      I would really love to see you do an OP !
    4. Los lazo
      Los lazo
      Hello and good day! I recieved a blue chest Soar with a broken right shoulder joint. Is it possible to purchase a replacement? Thank you for your time.
    5. Devastaor275
      Hello Dalianjj how are you? My name is Al I have been trying to get replacement parts for my Soar (red version) for a few months. His right leg broke at the hip ratchet the piece that hold the leg to the hip. I know there will be a shipping charge & that's fine. Also I was wondering if I could purchase the gold talons, gold thigh clips & the replacement face. Thank you & enjoy your day
    6. bruticonstuntercon
      Hello Dalianjj.
      Re:Dracula: Can we please have a Vorath with red limbs and a white face as depicted in Rebirth?
    7. Paco Grande
      Paco Grande
      Hello Dalianjj, could you please confirm that there is another production run of the FT-08 Grinder G1 dino head in original colours? My retailer did not receive enough of them so I did not get one.
    8. Robn
      Hello Danaji,
      Is it possible to get a replacement red face and eyes for Cesium? I've lost mine and really want display Cesium with a full red head.

      Please let me know, thanks
    9. Transam77
      Hi Dalianjj,
      I got a PF-01 Cesium from BBTS and it had a broken finger on his right hand out of the box. BBTS says they can’t provide a replacement hand. Can you help?

    10. Robn
      Hello Dalianjj,

      Is it possible to purchase a Cesium red face and red eyes? I have lost my versions and am in desperate need. Many thanks
    11. junkbot
      Hello, dalianjj. Are there still some parts floating around for Scoria. I have two that need some shoulder parts. Thanks man
    12. TF Hot Rod
      TF Hot Rod
      @daianjjj any new news on hoodlum? When we will see it finished and not as a render because we saw in the rogue painted images that you guys didn’t use mp28
    13. Ap0calypse
      Could you update us on FansToys Outrider (Trailbreaker) release window please? It feels like its fallen off the radar, and people still want to get the figure :)
    14. GatoSamurai
      Hi dalianjj, sorry to bother you, but are you going to do reissues of FANSTOYS FT-14 FORAGER?? it´s the only one of the 3 I´m missing, and it seems its Out of stock everywhere or either very overpriced :(

      Thanks!!! :)
      1. ChromeMagnus
        Try sending him a PM.
        Dec 3, 2017
    15. DTR281
      i was wondering if there were still shoulder replacement parts available for the original scoria.
    16. mikequillm
      Will there be a sovereign reissue? Or can you tell me someone who still sells it and has stock?
    17. Fortress Magnus
      Fortress Magnus
      My FT Grinder came with clips for FT Soar. I could not install one of the clips because the pin was too big to go through it. I tried to hammer the pin in and it got stuck. I used pliers to take the pin out and it snapped off. I can't put the old clip back because it needs the pin to attach it.

      I have a picture of the clip with the broken pin stuck to it. I need a new pin and a new clip.
      Could you help me, please?
      1. Devastator21
        Try pming him
        Sep 13, 2017
    18. Jean Yves Sibert
      Jean Yves Sibert
      Hi Dalianjj,

      i recently bought a FansToys FT-03T Quakewave. Loving it so much. Do you know if i can buy the non-transparents hand+gun?
    19. Zawicki
      Is there anyway I could get a replacement right T-rex arm or "wing" for Grinder? My T-rex arm isn't properly pinned in and is extremely loose and occasionally falls out. I'd be happy to pay for it. The only fault in what I see as a perfect figure.
    20. Vex
      Hey Dalianjj
      I am so thankful that Fans Toys are providing me with figures of the highest quality, you people are doing a fantansic job. Keep up the amazing work!
      I have only one question, it's not a big deal for most people but it's huge for me. I wonder if FT-25 Outrider will come with a toy accurate head? He is one of my favorite Transformers and that toy head is so near and dear to my heart.

      1. Toolala
        I would also like to know this.
        May 24, 2017
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