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    1. DTR281
      i was wondering if there were still shoulder replacement parts available for the original scoria.
    2. mikequillm
      Will there be a sovereign reissue? Or can you tell me someone who still sells it and has stock?
    3. Fortress Magnus
      Fortress Magnus
      My FT Grinder came with clips for FT Soar. I could not install one of the clips because the pin was too big to go through it. I tried to hammer the pin in and it got stuck. I used pliers to take the pin out and it snapped off. I can't put the old clip back because it needs the pin to attach it.

      I have a picture of the clip with the broken pin stuck to it. I need a new pin and a new clip.
      Could you help me, please?
      1. Devastator21
        Try pming him
        Sep 13, 2017
    4. Jean Yves Sibert
      Jean Yves Sibert
      Hi Dalianjj,

      i recently bought a FansToys FT-03T Quakewave. Loving it so much. Do you know if i can buy the non-transparents hand+gun?
    5. Zawicki
      Is there anyway I could get a replacement right T-rex arm or "wing" for Grinder? My T-rex arm isn't properly pinned in and is extremely loose and occasionally falls out. I'd be happy to pay for it. The only fault in what I see as a perfect figure.
    6. Vex
      Hey Dalianjj
      I am so thankful that Fans Toys are providing me with figures of the highest quality, you people are doing a fantansic job. Keep up the amazing work!
      I have only one question, it's not a big deal for most people but it's huge for me. I wonder if FT-25 Outrider will come with a toy accurate head? He is one of my favorite Transformers and that toy head is so near and dear to my heart.

      1. Toolala
        I would also like to know this.
        May 24, 2017
    7. intrudermdq
      Hi Dalianjj. I appreciate the figures FT has been doing, they are the favorite part of my collecion, to me FT is the "official" Masterpiece line (Takara is somewhere between the second and thrid).

      What I want to get are new Seekers, MP11 is out of date (no much articulation/posability and they are a little small). Takara is selling that ugly mold for around 200usd... I know you can do a "Masterpiece" Starscream.
    8. GR1ML0CK
      Is it possible for me to buy Grinder's weapons? I need his gun and sword please. Thank you
    9. Agent 539
      Agent 539
      Hi Dalianjj, I recently purchased Ft Sovereign and I lost the long red jewel piece on his waist. Is there a way to buy a new piece?


    10. dafob
      I was wondering if I could purchase the new replacement faces (that came with Grinder) for the DiBots separately? Thanks.
    11. ferrari35
      Hi Dalianjj my grinder turned up today but there was no sword in the box I was told speaking to was my best bet to get one is there any chance I can get one? I don't even mind paying if I have to thanks for your time
    12. wings
      Hi, I have just received Grinder today. I'm having issue with one of
      Soar's leg clips, the hole in one of them is a tad too small and I
      couldn't insert the pin through the hole on the clips. Is it possible
      for you to send me a replacement clip with a slightly bigger hole. I'm
      happy to pay for the part and the extra postage.

      Sorry for the inconvenience.
      best regards,
    13. mirage426
      Hi, Thank you for all of your work.. I've purchased the 4 DiBots, Scoria, Soar, Sever and Stomp... I was wondering How I can acquire the newer heads for Scoria, Soar and Sever separately without purchasing Grinder.
      I appreciate the Help.
      Thank You,
    14. Megagalvatron1
      Hello I was trying to get in touch with you as I was told you could help me with my issue. I recently bought a sovereign and on eBay. It however is missing the red piece that goes in its belt. I wanted to find out if there was a way to get a replacement part for it.
    15. trey carter
      trey carter
      Hey which release was the diecast tabs for Soar coming with again?
    16. Shockwave81
      Hey Dalianjj, I was playing around with Stomp today, and noticed some scratches on the chrome on the upper part of his right 'wing'.

      I must have done it during transformation, as I only noticed it today. Do you happen to have any replacement parts for the right wing?

      Happy to pay, of course.

    17. Shanxs
      I really hope you guys gonna fix this gun.
      I really like your Galvatron and i'm going to buy one.
      Only the gun part is not accurate enough and makes his gun ugly in robot mode.

      Thank you for your time.
      Sorry, i have to post it in pieces because i can't send a mail with more then 420 characters.
    18. Shanxs
      Attach the canon to a white piece beneath the white part that you can pull to the back ( it will show these attachment point for canon mode canon. And in robot mode these 2 attachment points are hidden below that part ).

      What do you think?
      It's because Sovereign's gun on the backside is way too small comparede to the cartoon one.
    19. Shanxs
      or 2:
      I have more ways to fix it.
      The wing part sticking out at the back ( used for aiming ) of his gun rolls to the back.
      Open the L part and flip it to the back ( this part will be split in half ).
      And a white piece pull it to the back for canon mode canon.
    20. Shanxs
      I also think if they make these changes, Galvatrons round piece below his neck where the canon is attached to, has to be a little bit bigger to get the canon in.
      Getting this part 1mm ( 1mm turns into 2mm because it's round ) bigger won't matter i think.
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