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Jul 13, 2017
Aug 21, 2006
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Yeshua Is Mashiach.


Hi all, This year I am trying to focus in a casting comeback, so Diaclone drivers might see a light in about 6 months, stay tuned! Jan 29, 2017

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Jul 13, 2017
    1. Righ7 turn
      Righ7 turn
      Hi! Any chance you'll be casting these again soon?
    2. taterx
      I'm interested in getting some of those sweet Waruder & Diaclone drivers. When I see you're ready I'll put in an order
    3. convoymagnus
      Hi all, This year I am trying to focus in a casting comeback, so Diaclone drivers might see a light in about 6 months, stay tuned!
    4. Tzarcustoms
      are you still making the ko diaclone drivers? i need the coorect drivers for wheeljack, sideswipe, jazz, and the jeep. please let me know thanks!
    5. prime777
      Hi, I hope this will be your comeback year! :) I know a lot of people on here that can't wait untill your triumphant return to the tfw world! :)
    6. convoymagnus
      Hi, to EVERYONE that in some time has contacted me about the Diaclone drivers, I would like to apologize for never getting back to your messages. I was Not trying to be rude! Just that I barely visit the forums now and I will be honest, even though I like transformers and Diaclone, I am not into casting at this moment in my life. I may comback some day? Only time will tell, but hey thank you so much for your interest. If some day I ever come back to casting I will post a message here. Thanks again!
    7. Fishdirt
      Are you still doing diaclone driver casts?
    8. prime777
      He sure does nice work! :) I hope he gets back to building the diaclone drivers again. :)
    9. autojazz
      hello. I am looking forward to getting some of your diaclone drivers
    10. scarnivac
      Hey Dude,
      Awesome FB page! Just made a request to become a member.
      If there's anything I can do to help you with the page let me know!
    11. sirmiggs
      I forgot to msg you earlier, but I got the order in a few days ago and it looks even BETTER than the photo! Thank you VERY MUCH! :)

      ...Once I finish my project I will send you a picture.
    12. Tampalicious
      Hey dude, do you think you can cast a Trailbreaker head that would somehow work with classics Ironhide's body?
    13. Pintopower
      Just saw the thread about the drivers! Sorry I asked a dumb question. I will need to order a few from you. Is there anything else you make? I am looking for someone to make the window assemble for a G1 Datsun mold.
    14. Pintopower
      So do you have any links to images of your repaints? I would also love a few drivers. What do you charge for them?
    15. scarnivac
      everything's fine over here :)
      any new projects going on?
    16. Big Filipino
      Big Filipino
      I like your motto. Hope to see you around the Christian TF forum sometime.
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