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Dec 16, 2002
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Butt + Hurt = TF Fans, Male, from Waco, TX

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Jun 18, 2018 at 5:53 PM
    1. MisterGuyMan
      Hello, are you still selling Herc by any chance? Send me a PM if so.
    2. yavin1
      Hey I Sent You A Message On Those Extra Kreo. You Still Looking
    3. chrisr291
      I was complaining about G1 Prime's gun


      I never understood why he has the GI Joe style handle when he can't hold it there.
    4. NICKBOT
      This guy gets it! :thumb
    5. KnightHawkke
      Oh it's true, it's true.
    6. KnightHawkke
      This board? ever visit the wow forums? :lol

      oh and Computron ftw!
    7. alfred p. sloan
      alfred p. sloan
      Dude! The Computron in your sig is sick! Very cool
    8. Bort826TFWorld
      How's this?

      Computron Icon | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
    9. lecf88
      want to play later on? either WFC or FIFA
    10. Computron34
      I liked what little we got of season 4. Always loved the TM and HM.
    11. G1Decepticons
      hey what is your favorite season for g1 transformers mine was probably the second one
    12. G1Decepticons
      Trypticon here i like him alot
    13. G1Decepticons
      hey dude instead of talkign about the nfl we should talk about g1 transformers. Is computron your favorite character.
    14. G1Decepticons
      hey computron
    15. G1Decepticons
      hey i have a question about football but it is not exactly on the nfl. What is the emerald bowl,rose bowl,sugar bowl,and gator bowl. Could you please explain these bowls to me and what does it mean when a coach gets a pink slip in the nfl and someone says if the baltimore ravens win 2day they have a spot in the post season what is that the play offs?
    16. G1Decepticons
      thanks for that info but i cant help wondering that i missed a couple autobots. Perceptor,Ultra Magnus,Springer,Blurr,Arcee,Blaster,Windcharger,wheeljack, and the offscreen characters, Mirage,Tracks,Sideswipe,Red Alert,and trailbreaker. I know huffer was outside the sity and he was killed. Did i miss any other autobots that werer inside the city when it was attacked.
    17. G1Decepticons
      hey thanks for all that info on sports but i have a question Do you know who were all the autobots who were at autobot city minus the characters who were outside they city when the decepticions first attacked it. Including onscreen and offscreen characters.
    18. G1Decepticons
      Can you answer this for me. what is The NFl Draft, FantasyDraft, Nfl minimum salry,NFl balckout rule, nfl salary cap,the nfl practice aquad,and the nfl pension.
    19. G1Decepticons
      ok let me see if i get this part right. there is a 17 week 16 game season in the regular season. first we play the 3 teams in our division. so my team is the steelers. so does my team play the ravens first. so they play them first at away then home the play the other teams away then home in order. What decides who we get to play first in our division. then we play the AFC south and we play the Titans,clots, texans,and jaguars but next year we play a different division. then we play the 4 teams in the NFC east where we play the Giants.Eagles,Cowboys,and Redskins. Then we back to our conferencer and say we are in 1st place. So we play the 1st place teams in the Afc east and the afc west which for an example are dolphins and chargers. Is this the correct order of how they play their games.
    20. G1Decepticons
      oh wait if it you have a byw then it is 2 wins then your in sb it hought you emant two loses. i willt alk with you later 2morow i am starting to understand this whole thing alot better.
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