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Oct 12, 2017 at 5:31 AM
Jan 14, 2010
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Wheeljack's apprentice

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Oct 12, 2017 at 5:31 AM
    1. GAUGE
      Did you ever finish that Delicate Warrior Arcee custom? I just revisited you old Heavy Scratch thread of it. and you haven't posted anything finished in it for years. Did you just end up not finishing the custom?
    2. CaptainX1
      Do you have any combiner wars projects going on? I'm looking to mod mine and I love your style
    3. thunder117
      Please check your PM from when you can
    4. hondasaint14
      Hey BK! Sorry for the late response... Dude, it would be my pleasure and honour to do a collaboration with you at some point. You are one of my favorite artist,... Big fan of your work! Have a nice one :)
    5. OOSnake
      Aah. Nice. Well, I really like your Prowl, he looks really cool.
    6. OOSnake
      Hey, why is the Burger king symbol in (I think) all your pictures of Prowl?
    7. shinobi77
      Hey buddy, wondering how your groundshaker project is going, or did it just went? LOL
    8. Blurrz
      Thanks for the kind words, friend! I've been following your project since the start and admire your patience with this lumpy mold. Haha, hope you get this sucker finished soon!
    9. BLOODRAGED189
      Halted, broken arm. :(
    10. leobreaker1977
      Hey buddy, how are things? havent talked to you in a few weeks. Hope all is well your way. :) ttyl
    11. nemesisconvoy
      I just had a mremarkable breakthrough on the back pack. This thing is gonna be fantastic.
    12. nemesisconvoy
      No kidding. Finding parts for my Prime took up half the time it has taken to complete him. I was able to get a Cybertron Primus off of Ebay. I'm going to use the hands from him for Prime. They are big so I will do what I can to scale them down a bit.
    13. Fallout
      i know, it makes me sad.
    14. nemesisconvoy
      Thing's here are good and the main body of prome is done, now I'm onto the jet pack. then All I have left to do is weapons. How are things with you?
    15. Fallout
      we have the same dream car. me gusta.
    16. leobreaker1977
      hey budokhan i just wanted to let you know that your 2pk prime w.i.p has inspired me to fix that horrible figure too! lol....so far i have modded the legs with seeker legs to telescope in and out for a more perportioned alt mode.....up next the arms and fists.... and the head and grill...so much to do! p.s. love the nightstick!
    17. leobreaker1977
      hey man any chance i could convince you to cast me an arcee head? I want to do a firestar
    18. leobreaker1977
      glad you liked haywire, can't wait to see what you do. I know what you mean about not having enough time, I have four kids :)
    19. leobreaker1977
      dude just wanta say som...all your wips are really cool!
    20. x BlackMagnus x
      x BlackMagnus x
      I always had a soft spot for Montes, what went wrong?
      My first car was a 63 Impala, 52k original miles, 283. I loved that damn car :(
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