Sep 17, 2011
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The DVJ, Male

    1. EnergonWaffles
      So today I learned how to re-install a toilet that was leaking sewer gas :/
    2. EnergonWaffles
      lol absolutely not. sent pm.
    3. EnergonWaffles
      Hope you're not offended btw :/
      I like to actually think about what I'm typing with your posts instead of just writing.
    4. EnergonWaffles
      so what time frame is all this happening in? Is Clone Wars cannon with the movies?
    5. EnergonWaffles
      Now I'm addicted to BM toys AND Clone Wars!
      Finishing up season 1. I do believe my new favorite guy is General Grievous.

      *shakes fist*
    6. EnergonWaffles
      Congrats Bruticon!

      I'll post my wall of text later XD
    7. EnergonWaffles
      Oh, and I spent yesterday and the day before listening to a friend who has a new crush, and the one sided conversation was also about how another other friend (who I also know) likes the same guy. Drama is going to be incoming- not looking forward to this haha

      The funny thing is I knew this sleep over was going to be a talkathon because she arrived at the house with 2 frozen pizzas, cream soda, and 2 pints of Ben and Jerrys.
    8. EnergonWaffles
      No brothers and sisters. Only child. I do have a best friend of 13 years who is also an only child and we're pretty much sisters, though.
      Always wanted siblings when growing up, and people with siblings kept telling me I was lucky. But it sure would've been nice to have some other kids to take soak up some of the attention- nobody to blame anything on if you're an only child!
    9. EnergonWaffles
      4 boys? Wow. First thing that comes to mind is I bet she cooked a lot of food when they were growing up.
      And that guy sounds like she needs to drop him. The correct answer would've been "I don't plan on that happening" or "We'd try to work it out." Anything but "*shrug* it happens."

      I'm a bit like that with my little cousins' ex. She got pregnant and I went to check his facebook and he clearly thinks he's a pretty boy. Was flirting with all these girls and I know my cousin is at home trying to raise a baby. At the baby shower, he also gave me a super awkward, overly long hug and from then on I can't stand him.
    10. EnergonWaffles
      I have 3 Knockouts already :o Such a lackluster mold but I did like the character.

      She was much more extroverted than I am. But yeah- she was always doing something or going somewhere.

      When he visits I probably won't be on. Working on PS/Ai all day means I can stalk the boards, but kinda planning to not work while he's here.
      I'm sure he'll get excited about the customs though- he used to be big into model trains.

      Uh oh- family reunions not a happy event for you guys?
    11. EnergonWaffles
      Ok yeah I know that feeling. Had a Knockout toy I sent to legionmaximus for that exact reason and it does feel good to know somebody is enjoying it.

      A bit disappointed too but I think he's pretty excited- he's never seen the CocaCola museum or the GA aquarium so that'll be something new.
      Nope she died two years ago at the ripe old age of 87. She was quite a hoot- went skydiving in her 70s and ate a bowl of Rocky Road icecream every day.

      Maybe for Christmas I'll send you one my really shitty Photoshops- a Waffle's exclusive masterpiece!

      Oh yeah you were clear about the Rhinox- I just misread it.
    12. EnergonWaffles
      yeah but it seems wrong to start pming you "hey got this figure?" when I know you'll probably send it for free. Starts to feel like I'm taking advantage. Maybe I'm just severely underestimating your need to clear space though lol.
      When I get up to Indiana one of these days I owe you a case of beer, then!

      Unfortunately- for this trip gramps decided to come down here instead. But we will absolutely be up there for the Christmas holidays.

      Didn't Generations Rhinox just come out? Swear I saw him at Target the other day.
    13. EnergonWaffles
      If you want to talk about whatever happened you know you can always pm :)

      She gets back from China on Friday. lol I skyped with her this morning and she has some real horror stories. The sanitation is much different over there- hell for a microbiologist haha

      Birthday wishes to your nephew! Hope he has fun
    14. EnergonWaffles
      now now I said I had never watched the whole thing in one sitting!
      Hammerstrike and Night Slash Cheetor? Yessss those are 2 I still need.

      Um I got a Longhorn, regular Cheetor, Blackarachnia, Airraptor, and I forgot the other's names. Some of them are actually in the BW Fuzors and not BM though. Really disappointed they never came out with a better looking Silverbolt.

      Lemme pay for the shipping this time though, please.
    15. EnergonWaffles
      So going to have a CW marathon tomorrow. Hope it's good!

      And would you happen to have any junker Beast machine toys?
      That box you sent me has resulted in a new love for beast formers- just dropped $135 on BM/random BW stuff and can't wait to get it :lol

      Oh, and you're not alone in that- to this day, I have yet to see the whole of the 1986 movie in one sitting. :/
    16. EnergonWaffles
      One thing Star Wars does right is it has a whole universe and it explores little bits of it in depth. There's no need to reboot because they can get a totally new story just by concentrating on a lesser known character. When Hasbro introduced Aligned, I thought they were trying to go in that direction, but we all know how Aligned turned out haha.
      I guess they sorta did that with Rescue Bots- left Optimus/Bee/Great War in the background and concentrated on a few characters without Autobots v Decepticons driving the story.
    17. EnergonWaffles
      Ohhh new figures! There's still no set date for the Indiana trip. :/ Mom gets back from China next week so they'll work it out then.

      I do like some of SW- it's just such a huge universe it's kind of hard to know where to start.

      I always assumed CW was less of an overarching story and more of a collection of smaller stories about lesser known characters, which is why I didn't watch it- wouldn't know who the hell people were. But if it's a story I could follow without knowing SW mythos and history then I'll def check it out.
    18. EnergonWaffles
      Oh, if I remember correctly, I believe Lucas himself was "donating" his own money to CW so they could do more things. If only Hasbro had that.

      "Oh, you need another Autobot? Here's 100k."
    19. EnergonWaffles
      lol just for that I should've waited till Monday to respond XD. It's nothing personal- just depends on when I'm not on the phone.

      Yes I have tried asparagus on the grill! Squash is really good grilled too. And onion- but they're always falling through the cracks.

      mmmm so it Clone Wars actually cannon with SW? I'm guessing it shoots off in different directions to follow lesser known characters?
    20. EnergonWaffles
      Sorry for the long delay-

      Favorite bbq food is grilled corn- so good, especially if grilled right after the burgers
      Never got around to checking out clone wars- how do you like it?

      And almost finished with the first eagle custom!
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