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Aug 17, 2018 at 1:15 PM
    1. terry981
      Aloha! By any chance would you know which website(s) I could go to to pick up extra guns/parts or add ons for the Universe/Henkei, RTS, and Generations lines would you? Merry Christmas and God bless.
    2. terry981
      Hey, you live in Cali now right? You familiar with the San Fran bay area? I going there for the first time in my life next week and I'm going to be taking bus because of the horror stories I;ve heard about the uphills in SF. Let me know. Mahalos.
    3. terry981
      Awesome Brah! Hope you guys are doing well. Haven't been in LA for ages. I'm heading to San Fran in two weeks though. Hope I can find some TF toys there. I grew up with G1 so I only collect toys based on G1 or G1 inspired. Not a big fan of Michael Bay's TF. K then.
    4. terry981
      I'm from Nuuanu side. So Downtown area of Oahu.
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    Video Game Producer
    Got into TF figure collecting after watching Revenge of the Fallen. Had about 200 figures at the peak, but down to a couple. My main collecting habits were Masterpiece, select 3P combiners, and high quality 3P figures that capture the essence of the source material like the Fall of Cybertron games and IDW comics. Now? I'm only collecting stuff that is cool and memorable to me - MP-36 Megatron, Shattered Glass MP-10, TFM Menasor, and the Planet X stuff.