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Oct 30, 2016
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Bots and Bits

Well-Known Member, Male, 35, from Australia

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Sep 22, 2017 at 8:57 PM
    1. trey carter
      trey carter
      How bout a review on how to attach the diecast tabs to ft-05 soar?
    2. LongHaul1984
      Hey welcome to the board man!
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    Aug 23, 1982 (Age: 35)
    Bots & Bits history
    In early 2016, Bots & Bits (originally Bits & Bots) began as an Australian online retailer. Importing 3rd party and KO Transformers for sale at minimal markup. I had great success and business exploded quicker than anyone ever imagined. I developed close relationships with suppliers very quickly, who eventually introduced Bots & Bits to manufacturer Agents.

    Due to policy change implemented by the Chinese government beginning July 2016, in Oct 2016 our accounts were frozen. The remainder of business capital, and a large bulk of my personal collection went into refunds. Getting 100% square was important, but financially end any hope of re-starting.

    Despite this, Bots & Bits had become a small community in Australia of familiar faces, news & discussion. Through the encouragement of previous customers, friends and my wife. A month later I decided to keep Bots & Bits alive, using my community, supplier & agent contacts to deliver news & reviews instead.

    I had never attempted anything like this before. I learnt Adobe Premiere/After Effects on the fly, but didn't really know how to speak on camera or creatively edit (I have a stutter, so it's a challenge to edit that out) Because of this, every video I release gets more and more polished.

    Bots & Bits has a grand direction. With time, effort & resources I want to expand, collaborate, interview and travel.


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