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Oct 13, 2017 at 10:54 PM
Dec 23, 2007
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The Tapeworm of Unicron!, 43

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Oct 13, 2017 at 10:54 PM
    1. Ultratron
      hey have u seen the pcc conector ports on shapeways? there pretty awsome
    2. TFanPage101
    3. rumsawatti
      lol i feel you, it seems like the days are going by and i have no idea what im doingto pas the time because everything seems like it still needs to be done...
    4. rumsawatti
      HEy whats up!
    5. MaxLinden
      Look who it is!
    6. Apoclatron5675
      i asked him to hold that for me till the end of the week but i doubt ill get it right now, im too busy packing my collection. getting ready to move
    7. Apoclatron5675
      loved the newest good morning cybertron. 20 Ft of the walmart toy isle just transformers sounds great but is it for every store and also no luck on that cruellock as you suggested
    8. Noeldj
      Yo Blunghole just wanted ta let ya know I got some more ko's scored the Predacons u reviewed and a oversized g1 Devestator, I'm 70% done repaint/custom on Devs then off to PRedz ill drop ya some photos when i'm done hope all's well Brother...
    9. legolas grof
      legolas grof
      i love your good morning cybertron show :)
    10. Sarrow
      Doing alright! It was CRAZY yesterday morning in jtown due to the snow!
    11. Razorclaw
      Well, I have the crazy neon colored Road Caeser from way back in 1993. I never owned the originals so I don't compare the plastic, but if feels original, especially when compared to newer KOs/bootlegs of the last few years. Then there's G1 Sandstorm, made in Taiwan. That thing is 100% as original. The old taiwanese bootlegs in great majority are just like the originals.

      The better ones from the last few years I have are the oversized KOs of RM Ligier, Air Hunter and Rebirth Megatron. That Megatron is posing as classics Megs right now. There's G1 Doubledealer bootleg, which is also pretty good.
    12. Razorclaw
      I agree. Very good quality for a bootleg. I especially like the chrome. Chrome on mine is still intact.
    13. Razorclaw
      When did you get it, if you don't mind me asking?

      I got mine when I visited Ilinci, famous bulgarian open market/flea market in Sophia, way back in 2002. Cost me about 5 euros then.
    14. Razorclaw
      I've seen the picture you posted of your KO Deszaras. Where did you get that one?
    15. Dran0n
      Hmm... Not that I can think off, just whatever you want to review, thanks.
    16. Dran0n
      Your Youtube stuff is great!
    17. LUGNUT1995
      hey,great youtube reviews
    18. mac&cheese
      hey sorry for the late reply. i got alot going on, ive been on the forum just catching up on collecting, and recently start take advantage of this type of market/ housing down fall to do alot of investing. so been tied up lately.
    19. mac&cheese
      cool. are you still playing in a band now? im in md and boy there are alot of bands/ clubs for them to play in this area.
    20. rumsawatti
      howd u make ur avie it sucks manindabox got banned...he was a cool dude...but i didnt kno bumblebabe got banned...wend dat happen...lmk if u doin sumthin cuz i don wanna bother u... haha
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