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Oct 21, 2016 at 10:28 AM
Jun 17, 2009
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I've never been wrong

Biotoakid was last seen:
Oct 21, 2016 at 10:28 AM
    1. oku
      Please reply pm.
    2. MartyFeeb
      Love your collection count! :lol Adorable.
    3. Fallout
      got a price in mind?
    4. Fallout
      what's up bud, you still lookin for HA reverb?
    5. GFH
      aw ok.
    6. GFH
      bruh do i have you on skype?
    7. joebot.
      Nice, man. I've seen them a couple times. One of my recent favorites. I'm just not sure about the recent use of the spoken word poetry on the new album. It's not bad or anything but seems kind of disconnected. I do like it better live than in the recordings though. I was going to see them in a week, but I'll be out of town. I'm going to be missing quite a few shows, unfortunately, but for good reason.
    8. Fallout
      hey man, i'm interested in your rotf leader OP but i really wanna trade lol maybe check out my thread and see if we can't work somethin out?
    9. spartan 3764
      spartan 3764
      Haha, I'm more for a furious symphony of Dubstep and Orchestral.. Quite the opposites,
      But work well together.
    10. spartan 3764
      spartan 3764
      No it was the Bonnaroo pic you posted in the Show Yourself thread.

      The one with the FUCK YEAH ROO.
      I saw it on your Twitter,
      But thanks for following! I'll follow you back!
    11. spartan 3764
      spartan 3764
      So it was you who followed me on twitter.
    12. Fallout
      hey dude mind if i ask for music recommendations?
    13. Bruticon
      Man... I tried getting though that album.... After an hour I almost fell asleep. I just don't think that's my kinda music. It's not bad my any means, very well orchestrated in fact, but it just IDK "lacks" passion I guess. I totally have mad respect for any and all musicians who can play that cleanly but I guess I prefer individuals like Santana, BB King, Louie Armstrong, and so many others where you can just "feel" their emotions, soul, their unbridled passion in their music. Sorry if this disappoints you. Guess we just have different flavors eh?
    14. GFH
      A true friend
      ur such an upstanding person.
    15. Haloid1177
      The funny part is I'm totally traveling that way about the time of your graduation for work in Florida.
    16. Aernaroth
    17. Haloid1177
      And Kanye isn't.
    18. Haloid1177
      He's probably my favorite musician from our generation.

      High Ball Stepper is fucking badass.
    19. Haloid1177
      Well, ya see, there's two shows here...

      And I'm in Florida the week both shows happen for work...

      So pretty much fuck off.
    20. Haloid1177
      Dat Jack White tour.
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