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Oct 17, 2017 at 9:01 PM
Nov 23, 2007
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big hank

Resident Slacker-Basher, Male, 47

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Viewing forum list, Oct 17, 2017 at 9:01 PM
    1. Ezilla82
      Big news..big hank. LOL Okay serious tone, I'm back on track on drawing my latest Dinobot, Slash by elgoodo. So I'll post him asap.
    2. Superquad7
      This all sounds awesome, bud! You've been doing some great electronic work for peeps :thumb It'll be nice to see you getting back to your own thing though :)
    3. Superquad7
      LOL @ TFing snail!

      Yeah, I've really missed you around, buddy! I love the mods you did to Scorponok! I'd really like to see more of your work :thumb
    4. Superquad7
      I miss the bh+SQ7 back-and-forth banter! :lol
    5. anovasinn
      so whats up??
    6. frenzyrumble
    7. Sideways
      HEY FELLA!!!
      how ya been?

      I is enjoying playing US Army.
    8. plowking
    9. Nemesis Predaking
    10. frenzyrumble
      hey BH, please write back to my email ASAP~
    11. Nemesis Predaking
      Nemesis Predaking
      What cha gunna do, when NP runs wild on YOOOOUUUUUUU !!!!!!!
    12. Superquad7

      Jimmy Falon is planning a SbtB reunion! That .gif was made from when Mark-Paul Gosselaar was invited to his show to accept/reject the reunion offer (he accepted!). It's really odd that Mark-Paul Gosselaar is a few years older than I am, yet he can still dress up and look like Zach from high school :lol
    13. REDLINE
      :lol I'm gonna get chu brother!
    14. Superquad7
    15. Rhinox555
      Alright, keep me posted man :)
    16. Rhinox555
      I was just wondering what you're going to do with his old legs?
      Cause if you're not using them anymore, maybe we can trade some parts.
    17. Rhinox555
      'Sup, didn't you mention something about a modification to Rampage's legs? Are you planning to give him new legs altogether or are you modding the old ones?
    18. REDLINE
      that sounds like a sweet lil project to me. :) I'm not going with white for one of the 4 limb bots, but the other three I need to to maintain accuracy. argh, stupid white :lol
    19. REDLINE
      Thanks so much for the kindness! :D The reason I was wanting to use a Henkei version is because that one already has white fists, forearms, and feet. Would save me a MAJOR headache when it came time to paint it all up! I could get by with a Hasbro edition, if I could find someone to cast those parts for me.... hmmm. I really don't want to have to paint those fists, there's really no room to sand things down, and painting that area white is awful, requiring really thick paint. :(
    20. Terrorcon_King
      Lol alright bro,
      defently going to have to brush those skills off :lol been a while scence but i still remember.
      ill be awaiting the Dio. n inst. Thanks again BH!!:D
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    Oct 12, 1970 (Age: 47)

    Welcome to my profile, been a loooong time since l have had the chance to enjoy one of my great passions, Transformers!

    Some of you may know me, some may not. I have been away from this community far too long due to personal reasons not worth delving into, nor do l feel compelled to share at this time.

    I did however, leave before completing several transactions, leaving some people with the proverbial short end of the stick.

    That being said, l wish to resolve and make right any unfinished business, so we can all restore our cosmic karma lol.

    So l invite anyone who l have an unresolved transaction with to private message me, refresh me if possible on the nature of the transaction and allow me to compensate in whichever way is most prudent.

    Thanks for reading through all this and let's get back to the matter at hand, enjoying all things Transformers! ------BH