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A Meat Popsicle, 47

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Viewing thread KO Combiner Wars Devastor with deluxe sized bots, Oct 19, 2017 at 9:39 PM
    1. Toolala
      Are you really Bruce Willis or just as handsome as him?
      1. bellpeppers
        Nope. Not Bruce. Just an attractive avatar.
        May 16, 2017
    2. TFFan01
      1. bellpeppers
        Hey there
        Jan 7, 2017
      2. TFFan01
        I just wanted to say that I really like your posts.
        Jan 7, 2017
      3. bellpeppers
        Thank you. It's best not to like them too much; they often get me into trouble.
        Jan 7, 2017
    3. Honorbound
      Merry Christmas, man. I hope the new year is better for you than this one.
      1. bellpeppers
        Thank you. I know there's some good stuff coming up so I'm hoping for better.
        Have a Merry Christmas
        Dec 25, 2016
    4. Galvatross
      Merry early Christmas bellpeppers! I know you have had a rough year, but I hope better days are ahead for you and that you have a wonderful holiday.
      1. bellpeppers
        Well thank you. I appreciate the sentiments.
        Sorry I haven't replied sooner but I've just been slammed. We do our thing on Christmas Eve, and now that's pretty much taken care of I can go back and play catch-up.
        I hope you and yours have a Merry Christmas.
        Dec 24, 2016
    5. bellpeppers
    6. GoLion
      Yea, it's unfortunate. Innuendo is a lost art these days. Oh well.
    7. GoLion
      I had a good response. Well, I thought it was good, but I was worried about rules so I deleted it. Your dog joke had me rolling, though.
    8. Galvatross
      Sure fooled me! :lol
    9. Galvatross
      No more Bruce Willis I guess.
    10. Galvatross
      I may be a little late, but I'm sorry to hear about your mother's passing Bellpeppers.
    11. Novaburnhilde
      I'm deeply sorry to hear about your losses, bellpeppers. I was going to comment in your "Forgiveness" thread, but there wasn't much I could offer besides condolences and sometimes I'm not the best at offering advice.

      As GoLion has said, we don't have to agree on everything, but understanding, tolerance and basic decency goes a long way.
    12. GoLion
      I'm not perfect. I try my damnest to make up for the shit I've perpetuated. I can kind of understand why you did what you did as far as blocking T-Hybrid. I just... I think it's not even worth it to block him. I won't disagree with your actions, though, you gotta do what feels right.
    13. GoLion
      About the T-Hybrid situation: I think tempers were really flared in that thread. Part of the reason I stopped replying is that it felt like people were taking things too seriously.

      I don't necessarily agree with you on everything, but I think, as a group, we all need to start being a little less touchy. I don't know... Forgiveness and all that.
    14. bellpeppers
      I have decided to put one particular hostile person on ignore. T-Hybrid, who quite often displaced rage and angst through his posts on the boards, has resorted to saying falsehood about me. Here is the offending post:

      Bellpeppers came in calling for people to be civil when discussing things and taking offense to being personally insulted. When he got what he asked for and people stopped insulting him, he started taking offense to people being critical of his opinion.
      So at 3 pm I replied for him to clarify his post. It's 6 am the next morning, he's been active elsewhere and still nothing.
      Funny thing: a thread that he was hyper active on, he suddenly vanished. What- a topic he was so passionate about, he suddenly doesn't care? Gimme a break. T-Hybrid is an angry and immature individual... and I wonder if he wouldn't be dangerous in person. But it's been said that bullies are cowards.
      I can overlook a lot, but I cannot abide by being lied about.
    15. Murasame
      I like your signature :)
    16. bellpeppers
      We were driving up 50 last year and I saw a couple of signs for the Ranch.
      Now, I consider Murphys more of my old stomping ground even tho I've spent just as much in Angels Camp. But yeah close enough.
    17. Galvatross
      Well I have a geology background, and the mountains behind me are not technically the Sierra Nevada; they're the Carson Range, which are a mountain range of the Great Basin. Still, their appearance reminds me more of the Sierras, and they do merge with each other farther south. Haha, I have never gone to such a place as the BP! Over the years there have been bars or nightclubs there. You can even see signs for the latest one on 50! Calaveras County? Are you from Angel's Camp? I'm originally from Berkeley, so my Boy Scout troop would go through there when we went to camp.
    18. Galvatross
      Very good guess! I'm in Carson City, so I'm 1/2 an hour from both the state line and Reno!
    19. Galvatross
      You're welcome, and thank you very much. I appreciate the sentiments. God bless you, too. I know I'll enjoy being by the fireplace and looking at the snow reflecting the moonlight. It's nice having a white Christmas after all of this recent snow in the Sierras.
    20. Galvatross
      Hey bellpeppers, it's been a while since I said hello, but I hope you have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
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