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    1. bumblebot98
    2. bcm77
      It wasn't as good but I still find it intresting because of the way his character changed, he was a lot grumpier, even morose in his final year and his appearance was somewhat weathered due to a combination of Tom's ageing and an illness he had during the filming which caused him to lose quite a bit of weight though I think that made the Docotr look like he'd been through hell and was ready to regenerate.

      Pick of the bunch from season 18 is without question "Warriors Gate".
    3. bumblebot98
      Not to bother you but was Tom Bakers last Doctor Who season really a travesty compared to his previous?
    4. Optimus1986
      Oo. :D I can't wait to check those out. Thanks.
    5. Optimus1986
      Which of the classic Doctors has Smith said he's emulating? Troughton or Pertwee? Unfortunately I haven't gotten to see either in action, but I'm hoping to rectify that soon.
    6. kalron
      Yes...I'll have a Jelly Baby...
    7. Optimus1986

      Finally got to see "Destiny of the Daleks". Loved it. I like Tennant fine and well, but after watching Tom Baker everything else is kind of underwhelming.
    8. bcm77
      Hi Sage 'o G-Fruit,
      In no particular order,

      I don't think he is a very good actor.
      ( He has one emotion as the Doctor, that of a babbling, manic smartmouth and whenever that isn't required it's like he stops trying and sucks the life out of the serious scenes.
      His delivery never sounds very natural especially when he's trying to be funny, and I can never quite "believe" he's the character as he sounds like he's still got the script in his hands whenever he's talking.

      The horrible generic English accent RTD makes him use may have something to do with this as whenever I've heard him use his own Scottish accent he sounds OK so had he been able to use that then maybe he wouldn't sound so fake. )

      He has been far too overhyped.
      ( Maybe not outside the UK but I'm sick of the man being rammed down people's throats in our media and by RTD as being the be all & end all of Doctor Who as if the show never existed before he got the job, to the point where I have to leave the room if he's onscreen. I wish no ill on the man but I'm sick of the sight of his Doctor. )

      The way his character is written,
      ( Granted that's not his fault but his Doctor has been made out to be too infallible and his mannerisms and speech patterns are far too human. Whilst it could be argued that spending so much time around humanity has caused this I think it's meant the character has lost the "not quite of this Earth" eccentricity that made him so intresting when played by the likes of Tom Baker, Jon Pertwee or Patrick Troughton.

      That's all I can think of for the moment but those are the main points.
      Brendan M
    9. Sage o' G-fruit
      Sage o' G-fruit
      Why do you hate Tennant so much? I can get why you don't like RTD, (even though I do, I still like watching his stuff), but why not Tennant?

      (Keep in mind I feel like having a logical discussion, and I'm not some Tennant fanboy coming over here to rant at you. :p)
    10. Drpee
      First visitor message! :tongue:
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