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Jun 13, 2003
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BB Shockwave

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Viewing thread Revolutionaries #7 Full Preview, Aug 23, 2017 at 9:34 AM
    1. Transfan2
      (Your welcomed)

      Sorry you had stomach issues during the week,hope UW Computron is helping you feel better, and have a nice weekend too.

    2. Transfan2
      I been doing okay so far this week...How goes your week so far (up to current day)? ^^

    3. Transfan2
      Hi BB Shockwave ^^

    4. Transfan2
    5. Transfan2
      <part 2>

      In Regards to the Decepticons there (Construct-a-bots wise) I know and yes 1 Predacon there, I will let you know soon of how many I want and see if that can work out.

    6. Transfan2

      Looky what I got yesterday...

      Most of it for a guy on the Allspark, and 2 dragons an US friend of mine, but I did get Skystalker and Shocky for myself as well. Funny how despite sharing a similar body structure with Ripclaw, most of the parts (neck, leg guards, chest) on Skystalker are brand new.
      If you want any of these, you should let me know soon - the webshop only had like 12-14 of each and they are on a discount so they are selling out fast. Ripclaw is already out of stock.

      I love the color scheme of the G2 Stunticons. I thought about getting some spare G1 ones and repainting them, but I am not that skilled at repaints and it's too much hassle.
      Thanks for the pics, I will check them from home - at work I have most image hosts blocked sadly.

      (No worries about the pics, that's an understandable reason.)

      <part 1>
    7. Transfan2
      Bad news - the webshop I got the Legions from does not list them anymore. They still had them yesterday when I wanted to pre-order... Maybe they will restock, if not, I will visit some TESCOs and get the rest from there, but I am not sure I can find the extra 10 Ace Vehicons that way. Guess we will need to wait a bit more, if that's Ok for you.

      That's okay Benny....Thanks for helping where you can and good luck with getting Ace Vehicons in the way(s) you can considering.

      No Worries on the they say, patience pays off.

      Thanks for getting what you can ^^


      (Hope that makes sense to you)
    8. Transfan2
      <Part 2>

      Guess you are having a Reaper of a Good Time? ^^;

      In Regards to them using Encore Spike for Botcon 2014 Scorponok, I think it's a pretty cool idea and if G2 Stunticons/Motormaster were to be released somehow..I would likely be cool with I would like everyone to have an equal chance to enjoy them if possible.

      On a G2-Stunticons Note, Here's a Themed Display (based on them) at the Store that Me & My Mom run..Enjoy and see what you think:

    9. Transfan2
      <Part 1>

      Thanks, just wondered whether something changed. I am just pre-ordering the rest of the Legions for you. I see you got Ace Vehicon for yourself in the meantime?

      Playing Reaper of Souls, btw... I guess much like with Diablo II, the third game also only got better with the expansion, but very much so.

      Btw, knowing you are 'THE' advocate for G2 Stunticons - something I'd like to see myself too - what do you say about Botcon now using a G1 mold (Zarak) for a new toy? If they can get that, they could get the G1 Stunticon molds too (Chinese KOs of it exist, anyway)...

      (Sorry for bad impression ^^; )

      You could say that...just like enjoying something in the meantime...I do appreciate your help with BH Cyberverse Legions like Ace Vehicon (regarding Construct-a-bot Beast Hunters you did locate..maybe asking for help with them soon).
    10. Transfan2
      Thanks, fine... why?
      Just a General Wondering, Sorry if I worried you

      Your welcome,
    11. Transfan2
      How are you doing today?

    12. Transfan2
      Good news, everyone! - or well, rather, you.

      A hungarian webshop has listed the BH Construct-Bots for only one third of the price they cost in shops. No Unicron Megatron, but they have all the rest - Ripclaw, Starscream, Skystalker, Shockwave, Optimus, BB. Let me know which ones you'd need - sorry but they don't have Bulkhead and Megatron.

      Jtk webruhz s jtkbolt olcs jtkruhz gyerekjtkok vsrls gyerekjtk rendels
      No Worries in regards to Unicron Megatron (hope to get him someday, but no worries)..but thanks for finding a place that has 4 BH Decepticons...uhh I mean 2 BH Decepticons & 2 BH Predacons..I may I ask for your assist to get some or something on the lines for that.

      thank you for help so far,
    13. BB Shockwave
      BB Shockwave
      Good news, everyone! - or well, rather, you. :)

      A hungarian webshop has listed the BH Construct-Bots for only one third of the price they cost in shops. No Unicron Megatron, but they have all the rest - Ripclaw, Starscream, Skystalker, Shockwave, Optimus, BB. Let me know which ones you'd need!

      Jtk webruhz s jtkbolt olcs jtkruhz gyerekjtkok vsrls gyerekjtk rendels
    14. Transfan2
      You can get the ones at the higher at least those are covered and if you can get more at a lower price at a later time, that would be cool too (ex. it would help my store be able to have more stock to provide for the people in states/my collection).

      Thanks for the help either way though.

      Side-notes...other things of interest: Deluxe twin strike, deluxe Windrazor, Construct-a-bots Unicron Megatron (Nice find with Ripclaw..may want that one later...but Megatron is #1 to me so that one If possible)

      Hope that makes sense,
    15. Transfan2
      (Thanks for trying to help me with Beast Hunters Cyberverse Legions/Ace Vehicon Wave - it is much appreciated)

    16. SoundBlaster7
      Hi! I just realized you're from Hungary.
      I'm located in Serbia, glad to see we have some Transformers fans in the "Neighborhood". :D
      Feel free to drop me a line if you ever wanna chat.
    17. Spearhead

      én már az elsö generácio óta gyüjtöm / olvasom / nézem a Transformereket.

      melyik fórum van például, általában nem szoktam már sokszor ólvasni it se, de nyugodtan küldjél link-et.

    18. eagc7
      The whole point of Rising Storm was, apparently, to kill off EVERY non-movie toy-only character. Some even got introduced to be killed. Yes, even Bludgeon died. Astrotrain's death was ridiculous, it's like they ran out of panels and just show Elita slashing him and he explodes, despite being about 10 times her size.

      The only Cons to survive are Starscream and Tankor (in the trailer, we do see a blue Brawl repaint, so he's in the movie) and from the Autobots, all the guys introduced in Nefarious die, yes, even Jolt. As well as Galloway. And Epps resigns afterwards to find a desk job. Shockwave gets half his face sliced off by Prime and damaged a lot, explaining why he looks different in the movie, and Wheeljack and Mirage get damaged a lot too, Ratchet explaining he has to rebuild them (again, explaining why they will look different for the movie).

      No mention of Mikaela, but Sam meets Carly and Brains here.
      Mikaela is mentioend in issue 2 as wheelie mentions sam broke with his girlfriend

      and yeah mayeb thats tnakor but the brawl droen is brown. unless tankor changed it colro of course
    19. Superquad7
      Hey man, I'm still awaiting a response to my pm to you. Thanks again :)
    20. Soundwave3k
      Thanks Benny,

      I think I'll sign up for that message board. My written Hungarian is atrocious but it'll give me a chance to practice!

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