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Oct 13, 2017 at 3:45 PM
    1. Bigd
      im interested in g1 blaster,rewind, frenzy and ratbat. how much would it be to ship to Californa 92377
    2. Proxima
      That's awesome =D and yes I lives in Halifax
    3. StarFire_MK2
      Dude, that picture of yours in the "most epic shot" awards is awesome! I've got to read your strip now, just to see how that story develops. Great work.
    4. turboedguy
      On my prime I replaced the round axle with a square one, then made the ball slide back and forth on it, but not spin, then ran the socket on the legs. No more springs, or teeth, all that had to be cleared out. I hope that helps.
    5. turboedguy
      I havent modded the trailer at all, but Ironhide looks like a different figure with ball jointed hips, pivoting knees and elbows, a balljoint head and shoulders, and Im working on a pivoting waist for him.

      Im actually working on Ratchet at the same time, so when im ready, I might post both at once.

      I think they will impress.
    6. turboedguy
      I did see it,Its a great start. Im almost finished with my articulated version. I dont want to steal his thunder, so Ill probably post it in a couple weeks.
    7. turboedguy
      I was planning on modifying the original figure and using those aftermarket heads found on ebay, as well as changing some transformation steps to look more presentable. I ordered a set of encore Ironhide and Ratchet reissues a couple days ago, so it shouldnt be long before I post one of them. These molds are pretty hard to work with, im no miracle worker, but ill do my best.
    8. Raven Zombie
      Raven Zombie
      would you take a huffer for blast off?
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