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  1. Today 02:07 PM
    i got them, and btw i found someone who may be interested in Fury, so if he accepts, ya wont need to do the stuff for Fury from the Thor lines pm
  2. Today 12:08 PM
  3. Today 12:06 PM
    yeah, same guy
  4. Today 11:47 AM
    okie dokie.

    so yeah i just downloaded Audacity, i am learning how to use it in order to clean up the muffled audio, so far i had succes with the lines with the tough casino guy lines, as i can now understand what i was saying there lol
  5. Today 10:45 AM
    like the actor i had cast for Iron Man dropped out due to personal problems, another actor i had cast dropped out due to technical problems (eveyr time he tried to send me his stuff the lines never reached), the guy i had cast as JARVIS never awnsered me back. the guy i had cast as Yinsen and Ivan Vanko too never awnsered me back after he said he would work on them (which is why i gave you his stuff) and of course the recent issue with GoldenJohn. (though i was able to find someone for Iron Man and JARVIS for let ya know)

    (but yeah while i decided to do the stuff i sent ya recently, can ya at least do yinsen and ivan just them?)
  6. Today 10:45 AM
    i decided to do the lines yesterday, i just recorded last night, forgot to tell you because i was sleepy gonna find my best way for make them sound audiable.

    but yeah the reason i dont ask other people (sometimes i do, but not alot), is because i am not in constant contact with them, because they tend to take long to awnser my messages (or take long to do their liness for Ex: John and RoadRage), and this is not a good time for them to take long, because for Iron Man i intend to release this next month, so with that theres not enough time for me to wait for them to respond i need a quick response in the case of Iron Man, even though i had them cast since last year and gave them their lines last year, the guys i had cast in some of the roles i decided to assign ya, ended up dropping out in the very last minute
  7. 03-28-2015 11:30 AM
    around 16 something, but you dont have to do alot of lines, because as i said they're just minor characters (while i will ask someone else to do coulson, i'll still give the lines just in case the other doesnt awnser or if he's unable to do them)

    start with the tough Casino guy because his lines are needed for the current scene

    i would do the lines myself, but as i said the audio is hard to understand, because my camera always make my voice sound muffled. and aside of that i lisp alot when speaking english (btw remember to finish the stuff for vanko and yinsen aswell, but vanko and yinsen can wait a while because i did some temp tracks so that i can edit their scenes, but yeah remember i need those including the ones i just sent Before April 26)
  8. 03-27-2015 07:01 PM
    and i may need help with something else. i was listening to GoldenJohn audio file for Iron Man annnnnd *facepalms* he did the lines for Iron Man himself literally and not the lines for the characters i assigned him (i didnt even sent him the lines for Stark, plus i already have an actor cast as stark) and since he takes to long to his lines, i have no time for that as i am overdue, can ya do his stuff?, plz? (just lines for minor generic characters, i am gonna ask someone else if he can do Coulson)
  9. 03-27-2015 05:59 PM
  10. 03-27-2015 03:02 PM
    hey i descovred i forgot to send u one of rhodey lines, this it is

    "You need to stop joking and focus on your work. Girls, casinos, bets is not what life is about."

    was wondering if ya can do it today, as this line is needed for the scene i am editing right now

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