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Oct 18, 2017 at 2:45 AM
Jun 5, 2006
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Autobot Slut!, Male, from Smallest country in the world, no?

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Oct 18, 2017 at 2:45 AM
    1. Dogbomber
      You got an offer. Let me know
    2. Dogbomber
      You go PMed!
    3. Automorpher
      Yes, you gotten first dib. :P

      You're the ONLY one whom we actually sent a notification to.

      As for the rest of the boys...I guess they just happened to see it by chance. :D
    4. Dogbomber

      I thought you said I will get the first dib? Seem like I am not....:( .......eyes filled with tears....:P

      Anyway, let me know your contact so that we can initiate conversation from there.
    5. Automorpher
      Hi mate,

      Received a fair amount of enquiries/interest for it so we're filtering through the PMs. Will be in contact shortly.

      Much thanks for your patience! :o
    6. Dogbomber
      Hi, you got PMed! Please reply it as I would like to arrange time suitable for us to pick it up from you :) Thanks.
    7. Dogbomber
      Pmed! look forward to your reply!
    8. Dogbomber
    9. Bruticus11
    10. Automorpher
      Sorry boys, got tied up a couple of days back hence a lack of activity here on TFW2005. :o

      Have since cleared my mailbox so keep those PMs coming.
    11. Battleconvoy005
      Me too. I tried pming you but your box is full.
    12. blue death
      blue death
      Hey your pm box is full I need your name to address the package with
    13. roy_flagg00
    14. Automorpher
      The toy vendors in my country. You boys should be seeing preorders up at all major toy sites soon enough.
    15. roy_flagg00
      who is selling the FP superion upgrade second run?
    16. Automorpher
      No problem mate, I'm really glad to see ya back here. :thumbs2:
    17. KA
      thx for the PM :)
    18. WhiteMocha
      Haha, no, I WISH I had located one.... no such luck, no one is selling. I don't know how high I'd be willing to go on one, either.... I mean, completionism is nice and all, but there is a certain point where paying that much for a little plastic figure just becomes insane.

      And yeah, totally, we should do a meet-up before I leave one of these days. I'm here till July 31, so we can play it by ear. Thanks Eric!
    19. Automorpher
      Don't remind me Charles.

      Its probably gonna take forever to find one. And DON'T YOU DARE tell me that you'd found/located one else I WILL rob you without a second thought! :lol

      As for meeting up, sad to say that I'm pretty caught up with my day job, sales & World Cup hence I'm taking a rain check for now. :o Probably need to catch up on Zzz more...

      I'm sure we'll do a meet up soon enough. At least a final blast before you end your work here & head back to US. :)
    20. WhiteMocha
      Hey Eric! So, how much is that Black Botcon Sideswipe going to bug you? :) I know it's going to bug me for a while.... it looks so nice, and is required for Classics completionism. Argh!

      Anyhow, haven't seen you around the S'pore gathering lately, I hope all is well!
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