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Oct 19, 2017 at 12:03 PM
Sep 18, 2008
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Autobot Burnout

Hammer of the Gunplas, Male, from Moxxi's Bar

Can't keep down a good man. Feb 20, 2017

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Oct 19, 2017 at 12:03 PM
    1. WEEGEE
      Ey sorry for being hostile to you in Lorenzo reward thread. Just makin sure there are no hard feelings.
    2. Venixion
      You have a lovely collection of ponies.
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      2. Venixion
        I feel ya on that. I often find though that if your patient you'll find a rare one for a terrific deal. I recently received a model that typically went for $90 for only $15.99. So good luck to you in your hunt for Octavia.

        Plus my daughter wants GoH Queen Chrysalis and NMM and it's bugging me trying to find them.
        Feb 21, 2017
      3. Autobot Burnout
        Autobot Burnout
        Thanks! Currently putting a freeze on toy buying at the moment, though, at least until I get a full time job.
        Feb 21, 2017
      4. Venixion
        Best of luck on job hunting too. ^-^
        Feb 21, 2017
    3. Autobot Burnout
      Autobot Burnout
      Can't keep down a good man.
    4. Chopperface
      My friend, I'd like to have a rational discussion with you on Ghostbusters 2016. What are some of the reasons you didn't like it?
    5. Rumblestorm
      Dude, seriously, get a life.
    6. Autobot Burnout
      Autobot Burnout
      When TF5 Burns, Don't say I didn't predict it.
    7. Autobot Burnout
      Autobot Burnout
      Taking a break - as long as the franchise lives, however, so shall I. This is not the end.
    8. MegaPrime1007
      I sent you a message that I would like for you to read so we can deal with things.
    9. Gordon_4
      What prompted the avatar change?
      1. Autobot Burnout
        Autobot Burnout
        Well, the holidays are over and I found this in my avatars folder - can't remember for the life of me why it's in there to begin with - but it amuses me while I search for something I may like even more.
        Jan 4, 2017
    10. Autobot Burnout
      Autobot Burnout
      No matter if Transformers 5 bombs or does decently, the fandom already has lost. Its very existence divides us as well as the franchise too.
      1. AutobotAvalanche
        Division is better IMO. Allows for more debates and fun
        Jan 4, 2017
    11. spartan 3764
      spartan 3764
      Everytime I read your user title I always read it as "Satan" instead of "Santarn". I'm pretty sure a combination of Tarn and Santa pretty much gives you the same thing though.
    12. Galvatross
      Despite some of our major differences in opinions and preferences regarding the films, I will say that I am pleasantly at some of our agreements recently (spin-offs should be way different; no Unicron, Airachnid, or Windblade; we both are concerned that too much is going on in TLK, although I'm not judging it either yet). See you around, whether we agree or disagree.
    13. Sablebot
      By the way, did you name yourself after an original Transformer character named Burnout by the amazing Transformers artist Grungewerx, by any chance? Just curious. . .
      1. Autobot Burnout
        Autobot Burnout
        I have no idea who that is. I took th name from my first custom painted TF - a 2007 Movie Camshaft (Swindle Drone) painted entirely silver with some old pinewood derby stickers I had lying around.
        Oct 21, 2016
    14. Sablebot
      Thanks for the compliment,too. Holly's favorite suitor is "Mr. Green", who bends her and all his devotees, to his will, very effectively (metaphorically speaking).
    15. Sablebot
      Greetings Autobot Burnout. The level of critical thinking and analysis in your posts is something I feel is sorely needed. Sadly, the film-makers don't seem to want to apply those 2 things when it comes to their output. Then again, holly(would/wood) is a stubborn girl, as are her many suitors and devotees. . .
      1. Autobot Burnout
        Autobot Burnout
        Thanks, I really appreciate the compliment! And great comparison with 'Holly' too, might have to use that for one of my creative writing projects at some point.
        Oct 21, 2016
    16. Autobot Burnout
      Autobot Burnout
      Wake me when Transformers media reboots and becomes interesting again.
    17. Cracka J
      Cracka J
      sorry bud, it's been kinda slow this past week. I've been wanting to get some games in but I usually don't fire up discord unless I know games are going on.

      do you have steam by any chance? I always leave that on in the background and it's probably the easiest way to get a hold of me for games.
    18. IamSoundwave
    19. MonaLazaBeak
      Thanks! Unfortunately, it's way out of my budget for that size class. I don't want it that bad! :)
    20. einhazard
      Haha, my life is complete.

      I mean, I don't understand why people don't get that every day is four equal four-sided days. If anyone can prove to me that it's not, I will give them $1,000.00.
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