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Mar 24, 2007
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Ash from Carolina

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Jan 19, 2018 at 6:29 PM
    1. Moy
      What up man. Hey Avengers Infiniti War seems it will be the biggest movie in history. But I also feel Avatar will do just as good. What are your predictions?
      1. Ash from Carolina
        Ash from Carolina
        It should be interesting to see just how high some of the box office will go next year. Not only do you have Infinity Wars looking like it could top the other Avengers movies at the box office, but the next Jurassic World movie could be huge as well. Just a gut feeling but the top five next year might be some insane numbers.
        Dec 8, 2017
      2. Moy
        Infiniti war trailer views on you tube are almost at 100M. And if if arrangements are made to have Wolverine in it, oh my. It will be huge among people worldwide. I don't see Jurassic Park anywhere near as successful as it's last movie.
        Dec 8, 2017
    2. Moy
      Hey Ash!
      I saw Warcraft, it was okay. A little too much magic for my taste. I also didn't like the liberty they too on the wolfs and griffin design. I was expecting more traditional fights than magic, but it's Warcraft.

      The death of Durotan didn't seem right to me at all.
    3. Moy
      What's up Ash.
      Hey so recently I discovered a potential sequel/prequel to the movie Cloverfield. It's tilted 10 Cloverfield Lane. Check out the trailer and let me know what you think.

      I don't understand why JJ Abrams name is on it when the important names should be the writers.
    4. Moy
      Enjoy your day man, Happy New year
    5. Moy
      BOX OFFICE: STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS Has Earned $1 Billion Worldwide

    6. Moy
      Hey man, what are your predictions for Star Wars on opening weekend? Will it do more than Transformers and James Cameron's Avatar?
    7. Moy
      I guess you're right, I can't wait to see how good Warcraft ends up.
    8. Moy
      Hey man been a while since I posted here.
      I just discovered the movie trailer to World of Warcraft, and it looks very impressive.

      It's hard to tell with certainty, but I imagine it will do much better than Star Wars in the box office. Next year there will be a lot of hot titles, but I want to know your opinion.
    9. primal789
      Nope.I had lots of fun,all was in perfect harmony until something happened
    10. primal789
    11. Moy
      Sup Ash, seen the movie or will you wait when it it's a rental? Seeing it on a standard platform would still be as good.

      I barely read the reviews from the transformers live movie blog owner and to him it was more of the same.

      Meh, I enjoyed though.
    12. Moy
      I saw AOE yesterday on IMAX 3D.
      The movie was good in my opinion, i was in awe almost throughout the entire time. I'm impressed how different the movie feels now.

      Michael Bay has received a shit load of negative reviews over this film which now I don't find a logic behind that.
    13. Moy
      Is there an imax 3d in your area? Unless it's painful for you to watch in that format.
    14. Ash from Carolina
      Ash from Carolina
      I'm likely going to do a rental on it. I really don't like the local movie theater that much so it's kind of a pain watching movies there compared to home. I did get a sub-woffer for my home theater system so I should be ready for both sound and picture once AoE hits Blu-ray.
    15. Moy
      Wassup man, if you get to watch AOE let me know ifyou enjoyed it.
    16. Moy
      I placed a bet that TF4 will make more than X-MEN in it's first opening week. Hope the Dinobots impress the audiences.
    17. Moy
      Couldn't resist, so I watched the trailer. My mind went numb, Bay's always so good creating great trailers. Despite what I saw I'm still not convinced it'll rock until I see it.

      I saw Pain/Gain recently and it was worse than ROTF.
    18. Moy
      From your knowledge of the Transformers lore (which I lack) what can be such a threat in Bay's movie, counting out Unicorn and Devastaor.
      (There's never been a better opportunity to use the Constructicons and Devastator than now.)
    19. Moy
      What I want to know is why Dino wasn't in the production line for a deluxe.
    20. Moy
      I wasn't even aware a Hercules was in the works, but after watching the trailer I don't know why Hollywood even bothered.
      Ninja Turtles I'm hyped for but nervous at the same time, however RoboCop looks good. I know what you mean about the release date and all but I'll take a chance on that for sure.

      Godzilla I'm curious as to just how they can reintroduce the giant in 2014.
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