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    1. Spekkio
      Oh, there was a thread? I'll have to look for it again. My bad.
    2. Spekkio
      Hey, I just saw your beautiful Prime Arcee custom in the "Cool Stuff" thread. I checked and was surprised that you didn't post about it in Radicons...what you did, more photos...I'm sure I wouldn't be the only one who would like to hear more about it and see more of it!
    3. eagc7
      Didn't they say that when creating the character, they realized the character they were making was turning out more like Bulkhead, so they ditched Ironhide for Bulkhead? The DOTM reason doesn't even make sense...wasn't Prime already going through season 1 before DotM happened?
      Nope, according to this it was due to ironhide death TRANSFORMERS PRIME toy featurette PART 1 - YouTube

      but also it could be possible it was a mixture of both reasons aswell

      Then again DOTM was in PreProduction and in production during making of TFP, so hasbro may had gotten/knew what was happening in DOTM plot during the making of Prime, DOTM script was finished in March 2010, Hasbro could had easily gotten the script and read it or they may had discussed Ironhide death with the writter and bay before scritp writting began
    4. eagc7
      any pics of this 2007 design? I know she was supposed to be in the first movie but wasn't, but did they really have a design set?
      yes, she had a design all ready for Movie 1, look

      Arcee (Movie) - Transformers Wiki
    5. eagc7
      Its ALLL over this site :P

      you can find the TF4 News here (check the other pages)
      Transformers Movie (Just Movie) - Transformers News - TFW2005
    6. eagc7
      With the movies over
      Hasbro and Paramounts are planning a tf4
    7. Abrogate
      do you realize your name is "storm storm?" :p
    8. closetrat
      Welcome to the site!
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