Apr 13, 2017
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Not an Iguana, Male, 20, from Washington State

    1. FanboyX
      What are your thoughts on the age poll results thus far.
    2. eltonlin98
      Hiya, I didn't want to derail the Transformers Movie Anniversary Edition Leader Class Optimus Prime Available on discussion (goddamn if I said this out loud I'd need a breather).

      I've looked into Molotow Liquid Chrome Markers. A lot of modelers hail this thing as the poor man's chrome, it's most effective when it's shot out through airbrush, but just wanted to let you know it could take a week to cure
      1. Agamus
        Oh, yeah, I still haven't made the dive into airbrushing yet but have used a molotow pen before. Just recently even with my TR Gnaw (which I also need to post on...).

        You're right though that is one helluva tongue-twister
        Aug 7, 2017
    3. Agamus
      Ravioli ravioli what's in the pocket dimension-oli
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    May 13, 1997 (Age: 20)
    Washington State
    I like Robots. My first Transformer was Wedge, and I vaguely remember seeing some episodes of RID (2001), but the first show I really got into was Armada/Energon. My first comic book, however, was a "Transformers: End of the Road" from Titan Books I got from my Dad when I was very little. Let's just say that it left an impression on me. I got my first G1 figure, Outback, when I was 11, started lurking here around then, and by the time I was 14 I'd read half the TFWiki and seen everything from G1 to Victory to Beast wars. Since then I've been watching TF reviews on YouTube, reading TF comics, and amateurishly modding, painting, and stickering up my bots.


    "JUST DO IT!" -Spike Witwicky, The Transformers (1984) Issue #51