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Logic has been replaced with blind ignorance., 42

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Viewing thread Walmart Exclusive G1 Devastator Gift Set Reissue + G1 Starscream + G1 Legion Pack, Aug 19, 2018 at 8:14 PM
    1. MasterZero

    2. AutobotMaximal
      Don't forget to update yo' thread with one less Python Patrol X-30. :P
    3. AutobotMaximal
    4. Starfire22
      I didn't really factor in the price of each figure, and you're right, it could've been more expensive.

      I feel a bit embarrassed now..
    5. eagc7
      Are you suggesting Peter Cullen is not going to be the voice of Prime in the next movies
      he didnt meant that, he meant if Cullen could not get a cameo as optimsu hologramic driver. (as he was meant to be in rotf, before it was cut)
    6. Rodimus05
      Ignore my PM...no longer interested
    7. Bruticus11
    8. AutobotMaximal
      I appreciate the call yesterday. I picked up Space Case and left the rest of them there. If I get any of the others it will only be because of the translucent panels. I definitely don't need another Bumblebee or Arcee.
    9. AutobotMaximal
      Awesome! I'm still looking for Tomahawk. I'll let you know if the status changes.
    10. AutobotMaximal
      Hopefully, Low Light will be leaving town today or tomorrow. I guess it depends on the baby. :D
    11. UnicronFTW
      In response to your reply in the FL Sightings thread:
      I should probably clarify: I'm looking for the first wave of RTS. With Jazz, and Tracks. Not that I wouldn't pass up a couple DOTM figures, but I wanna put my money on something that isn't gonna be there for a while. Or never. My local Wal-Mart never got any RTS other then BIS. And their HFTD was limited to the first two waves. And even then, I never saw Terradive or Tomahawk. (If I can't find Terra and Tom, then it's cool, because I'll definitely try and pick up Space Case. And Whirl if he ever makes it stateside.).
      So yeah. In saying "nothing new", does that imply that NOTHING is there... or just no new figures. I.E. WarP, WJack, TC, or DOTM?
    12. Nexus Prime
      Nexus Prime
      Keep it hanging loose Wickerman.
    13. AutobotMaximal
      I'm just glad that I'm not a 30 yr old guy with a crush on Tom Selleck. :P
    14. 03Mach1
      It could always be worse. Could be Shittown. ;)
    15. Leadfoot
      I just noticed you live in some place called Tim Tebowland.

      My condolences.
    16. AutobotMaximal
      Nope. We unfortunately are not going to WM. June, but we're not sure of the exact day yet.
    17. 03Mach1
      You mean no Wrestlemania??? :) When's the big day?
    18. AutobotMaximal
      I hope things are going good your way. We're too busy with baby arrival prep.
    19. 03Mach1
      Seems that way doesn't it?
    20. AutobotMaximal
      FanimusMaximus=jerkbot? :D
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